1. Justin Leigh

    Why are main channels included with multi channels for Network wins when the channels aren’t split evenly?
    CH10 x 3,
    ABC x 4,
    SBS x 5
    CH9 x 5
    CH7 have x 4.

    • Hi Justin I’ve always covered network share in ratings wraps, not sure why we would ignore multis (especially as most sell advertising). But you can read the individual breakdowns under Ratings page.

  2. MasterChef was great last night. Also, I think 10 should be quite happy with HTSM’s numbers, especially after it aired on 10 Days of 10 Play for quite a number of weeks.

  3. I know content is a little thin for the networks with COVID-19 impacts but Nine decided to show repeat content only from 7.30pm onwards including a movie that was different from the one they were advertising / promoting for the previous week!

    I would have thought that running dead on a Tuesday night during ratings season was near inimical to their survival?

  4. I only watch one show live, and that’s Masterchef… so it’s the only time I have to endure ads during any of my viewing… if I saw another promo for How To Stay Married I was going to throw the remote through the tele. Dead set. Turned me right off it.

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