Mike Goldman to recap Big Brother

Much-loved Big Brother announcer will present a recap of the rebooted show in a new digital offering.

The Big Bro Show will be produced from his own Queensland studio, exclusively for 7news.com.au.

The Big Bro Show is a backdoor way of getting me into another Big Brother series keeping my 20yr record intact,” he said.

He will be joined by different guests each week, including current and former housemates, host Sonia Kruger and “Big Brother insiders.”

“The show is simple, and what I’ve done for two decades; deliver to Big Brother Fans my views and opinions. And after being involved for that long with Big Brother, I have a few of those.

“What I love about Big Brother today is what I have always loved – The VO guy and anything with me in it. Have I mentioned I’ve also done this for 20 years?”

Yes, mate.

7NEWS.com.au is planning a dedicated hub, featuring news, announcements, evictee interviews, episode recaps, and insights.

Details of an official BB companion show are yet to be announced.


  1. Haha what? Why are shows on 7news.com.au? That will definitely damage their brand. I always find their news misleading and click baiting than the others.

  2. Promos for Big Brother are nothing short of bland. And most of the reason is that the Big Brother voice is totally ineffective. Very strange. Seven would have done better to hype this series up more. Imho the promos are like something the production company made, and that’s rarely a good thing.

  3. I’ll watch the first episode, see what it looks like but I’m pretty sure it will be a disaster. I am curious to see how they handled Covid-19 and the 2 day production shutdown.

    The original 10 series lost me at the start of the 5th season. I never watched it besides the launch night and final eviction/winner announced. The season with Kyle and Jackie O was alright but I think by then the show had already outstayed it’s welcome. Channel 9 failed.

    I just hope it’s better than the car crash that has been house rules.

    • Have to say the ch9 BB was better than expected for me. The house and crowds at Dreamworld and Mike G narrating was a big nostalgia hit.

  4. “An official BB companion show is yet to be announced” – haven’t Seven announced a companion show Eye Spy for 7plus (April 7th)

  5. Looking at the promo where ‘tasks’ seem to involve getting out of chains and locks etc and the Yahoo line “In two weeks’ time, a whole host of new reality stars will be blasted onto our screens” I think it’s gonna be ‘I’m a would-be celebrity keep me in here’ rather than the BB format loved by many who decided who stayed or went. Good luck 7

  6. They finally got something right. But of course Goldman was the only good thing about the previous reboot, so that’s not saying much.

    Have to say the ads are godawful. I’ll check it out but the tone of everything so far just reminds me of when it was ruined last time – especially Sonia’s “Big Brother, what are you up to” rubbish. Yuck. Hope I’m wrong.

  7. The one thing Seven appears to have got right with this reboot – although it seems odd how he’s described this online-only offering as a “backdoor way” of being involved with the series… so reading between the lines does that mean he won’t be narrating / doing the voice-over for the normal shows?!

  8. Should have given him the hosting job and I might have at least tried BB but with Sonia I’m not even bothering watching a single second.

  9. Aww that’s great to have Mike Goldman involved in it in some way. For me he’s the iconic voice (and face) of Big Brother Australia.

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