Nine, Screentime settle Informer 3838 complaint.

Nine and producers Screentime have speedily settled a legal complaint from former Victorian Police Chief Simon Overland over his portrayal in Informer 3838.

The Australian reports the character of Overland, played by Ian Bliss (pictured), is shown having meetings and phone conversations with the secret police informer Nicola Gobbo (Ella Scott Lynch).

But Overland told the newspaper he gave evidence in the royal commission, “that neither of us have ever met or spoken.”

He claimed scenes misrepresented him, telling the newspaper, “I am concerned about it, I think it does go to my reputation because it’s portraying me in a light that is not factual and saying and doing things I would never say or do.”

Overland requested Nine contribute a $10,000 charity payment to the families of four dead Victorian police officers.

Nine reportedly offered Overland two settlements: A $6000 donation and a card correcting the ­record at the end of the show, or $10,000 donation and no correction.

Underbelly has a legacy of legal proceedings including being banned in Victoria and previous defamation cases.

Nine declined to comment.


    • Yeah Overland was not asking for much at all and you’d thing a correction would be necessary/appropriate irregardless of the settlement

  1. So, according to the producer and Nine, the program is “based on actual events”, but it isn’t. What else in the program is fiction?

    • Probably most of the dialogue. Its not a documentary. Its the basis for a story like pretty much all of these “based on actual events” are. The Soviets didn’t speak English with an accent at Chernobyl as their first language either.

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