No plans for Celebrity Name Game to resume

Grant Denyer has 10 primetime Family Feud episodes on the way, but fans waiting for more Celebrity Name Game may be out of luck.

10 sources confirmed to TV Tonight there are no plans to resume the Fremantle show, even when TV production ramps up.

This comes as little surprise given the show moved from 10’s primary channel to 10 BOLD last December due to low ratings. It was also replaced by Star Trek: Voyager reruns earlier this month while Executive Producer Caroline Swift has now moved to oversee a new-look Living Room.

However Gold Logie-winning Denyer is suitably pumped for the 10 Family Feud specials, also from Fremantle, which will give back to health care workers and emergency services for their efforts during the pandemic / bushfires. Legendary Pam Barnes is on board as a consultant executive producer.

Updated June 2: 10 has now axed Celebrity Name Game.

A Network 10 spokesperson said: “We had a lot of fun bringing Celebrity Name Game to audiences.

“As the news cycle continues to move rapidly, audiences have really engaged with the additional coverage from 10 News First in our 6pm timeslot. The News has lifted this timeslot 40% compared to its 2019 average which is a testament to the hard work and commitment of our fantastic news team.

“For those missing Grant Denyer, don’t worry, he’ll be back soon in a special run of Family Feud.


  1. Its obituary was already public once it was dumped on 10 BOLD. If they had invested in bigger names, perhaps a weekly show with two lots of celebs/contestants could have worked at say, 6.30pm Sundays. I maintain that the worst thing about CNG was the complete absence of the “play at home” factor, which is essential for quiz shows. I’m baffled that it hung on for as long as it did.

    On the other hand, crap prize money and timeslot killed Pointless on arrival. I loved the concept, but that too should have been once a week in a later timeslot. When you posted the article on Pointless auditions, I couldn’t justify making a fool of myself on TV for the small chance of winning the pittance that they were offering. Humphries’ histrionics over the hilariously low prize money served as a running gag at our place.

  2. CNG was a good bit of fun, but there seems to have been an overload of inauthenticity in the show, Grant was much better on family feud where it felt more organic, silly things like dancing in and out of breaks, as a viewer you look at that and think, that’s kind of dumb

  3. Crossing my fingers that there could be more Feud episodes in the future for Grant…if this rerun goes well, it might be some hope 10 could fit this in their schedule somewhere.

  4. Such a shame as I liked the interaction of celebrities with Grant and contestants although thought David Collins of the Umbilical Brothers over acted found it very similar to Channel 9’s kids program Pyramid. Was the episode featuring Play School’s Benita and George ever filmed and shown on TV?

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