Renewed: Family Feud returning as event series

The survey says Family Feud is coming back for Network 10 with a special 10-episode “event” run in prime time.

And it is giving the game-show love to our frontline workers with a $100,000 prize.

Gold Logie winner Grant Denyer will resume production for Network 10 and Fremantle in July.

“The Feud’s back baby! I can’t wait to run amok with more nervous and excited Australian families, to have lots of laughs, forget our troubles and have a damn good time giving away record amounts of cash,” he said.

“It’s the same great game show, for an even greater cause – celebrating the families and workers on the frontline of COVID-19. Bring it on!”

While a UK revival of the Feud is proceeding in the UK as a Zoom edition, 10 is understood to be planning a full studio production.

Applications are now open. If you are a doctor, nurse, paramedic, fire fighter, teacher and more at

From devastating bushfires to a global pandemic, Australians have taken a battering, so what better way to show our appreciation to our heroic frontline workers than by asking them: “Name the first thing you would do if you won $100,000?”

Which may actually come in handy, because Network 10 is giving these very special families a chance to win up to $100,000.

Family Feud is made up of great Aussie families, from all walks of life, trying their darnedest to work out just what 100 Australians are thinking.

Asking someone to guess how other people answered a question is bound to go to some absurd places. Combined with the fact they have little potential to censor the first thing that comes out of their mouths, the razzle-dazzle of the lights and cameras and Grant Denyer staring expectantly up at them, you have a recipe for a meme destined to go viral.


  1. HeyHey_Variety

    It’s great Channel 10 is going to revive Family Feud! But If the specials are successful, how would 10 make the show successful as a Monday to Friday early evening game show? Because prime time game shows don’t work!

  2. I love a show the FF can start so many arguments but I am so glad it is back. There should be more shows like this as there to many shows with argument backstories and botox. Ironically I still wont watch it but I hope it works. Grant Denyer is certainly the best choice for this show.

  3. I assume part of the reason for bringing Family Feud back is to give Grant a new gig after the end of Celebrity Name Game… And justify is spot on the network payroll…but good on them for supporting our frontline workers. I’m wondering what this will replace – maybe Amazing Race?

  4. About time it’s returned! Glad to see it’s back!

    I still think it should return 5pm Monday-Friday but that’s discussion for someplace else…

  5. Excellent news! A feelgood, fun show where everyone can enjoy a temporary escape from the COVID Craziness is what we all need right now. And honoring the frontline workers is a lovely idea.

    Welcome back, Grant & Family Feud. I’ll be watching, for sure.

  6. Calling it now, this is a mistake.

    Whilst the cause is noble, this show and it’s host are tired and the ratings reflected this on it’s last outing.

    It’s a shame networks are so reliant on overseas formats instead of developing their own original ones.

  7. I wonder what time it will screen? I hope it’s 7.30. 6pm is a nice alternative to news but it hasn’t been competitive. That is the time to get traction and build an audience for the night. 10 could pair it with another game show and have a 7.30/8 combo. That would be cheap and different to reality reality reality.

  8. It was disappointing to this show axed without first resorting to trying a new host, the format is still solid. Grant Denyer hosted Million Dollar Minute on 7 and the ratings were DOA and getting worse. Then they replaced him with Simon Reeve and the ratings turned around straight away. Simon Reeve was good, but a safe choice, i doubt he was actively drawing viewers in, which would suggest it was Denyer that was repelling viewers. The same should have been trailed for FF.

    • It depend on the show. Maybe Grant wasn’t the best choice for that Million Dollar Minute but he is suited to Family Feud. Simon Reeve would certainly not be a better host for Family Feud.

    • MDM was such an awful show – the format and pacing stunk. I’m no Denyer fan but his particular brand of nonsense is perfectly suited to the Feud. I think people just got a bit bored with it.

  9. That’s awesome news! So has Celebrity Name Game been axed? I really wanted to see the episode featuring Play School’s Benita and George.

      • Hi David. Can you please ask 10 whether they plan to ever show unscreened episodes? Or wll they not screen them, so they don’t have to pay the prizes to the contestants on the show?

        • They should show the remaining eps of CNG on Saturday nights at 6pm. Would fit well after the news and is a nice Saturday night feel good show. I wonder if after the unscreened eps of CNG are exhausted a revived Family Feud could fit in this place Saturday nights instead or as well?

          • I’m sure the Play School episode never got shown on 10 or 10 Bold. I just saw Benita and George in it’s Wikepedia page then thought seeing them would bring back childhood memories for me.

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