Renewed: You Can’t Ask That

Hit ABC series You Can’t Ask That is now in production on its sixth season and is looking for more participants, and more questions.

For the first time, ABC is also asking for topic suggestions. What have you always wanted to see on the show?

Series Director and Producer, Kirk Docker, said: “People are always approaching me with ideas for episodes they’d like to see. It’s a great conversation starter. The purpose of the show is to take questions from the public, so why not take episode ideas from the public too?

“This year we decided to broaden the offer and ask the public to submit the topic they’d most like us to cover. There is a test however to see if it’s a good topic – and that is, can you come up with (at least) 10 questions you’d love to ask?”

For season 6, You Can’t Ask That will also be casting a wide net and putting the following subjects under the microscope: Teen Parents, Amputees, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Chinese People, ‘Cheaters’ (infidelity), Identical Twins, Families of Missing Persons, Farmers, Footballers, Post Natal Depression, the Wrongly Accused and Adult Virgins.

The most successful original ABC format in decades, You Can’t Ask That confronts prejudice and discrimination by offering searing insights into the lives of diverse Australians who live with judgement and scrutiny. By asking only the hard questions (submitted anonymously online) and allowing interviewees to answer in their own words, the series adds new voices, surprising insights and fresh perspectives to subjects often dismissed.

To apply or submit questions visit or email [email protected]


  1. This is a great show, but I am not sure that the second last paragraph is true anymore. Quite of few of the groups listed above do not face “prejudice and discrimination”, but they make really good groups because others are curious about their lives or life choices. Identical twins, cheaters, farmers: all ordinary people with interesting stories to tell.

  2. I love watching the show as it is so insightful in regards to human behaviour and you find out and learn a lot about things that can be hard to ask sometimes

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