Report: Ruby Rose an “ill-fit” for Batwoman

Media articles claim Ruby Rose’s surprise exit from Batwoman has fuelled rumours and speculation all week.

Variety now reports multiple sources state Rose was unhappy with the long hours which led to friction on the set. It was thus decided by her and the network and studio, Warner Bros. Television, that they would part ways.

There was also speculation it had something to do with pain associated with an emergency surgery Rose underwent for two herniated discs.

While there is no confirmation if injury impacted on her tolerance for long shoots a source told Variety the decision “had nothing to do with her health or injury.”

Representatives for Rose, Warner Bros., and The CW declined to comment.

The role will now be re-cast.


    • The storyline of the character who makes new faces on people felt incredibly random in S1… The cynic in me now thinks it was a ploy put in place to explain the inevitability of Roses’ disappearance. They face swapped Gabriel Mann’s Hush in order to introduce what the Arrowverse’s version of Bruce Wayne looks like without using Batman himself in the final ep. I think they knew Ruby wasn’t going to be around for S2 which is why they introduced this ludicrous and very sudden plot point. Which when you think about it… is pretty clever if they go down this path… a legit way of explaining her difference in appearance however ridiculous it may be.

    • What’s to explain. They were actors. They will call her batwoman and the new actor will call them by their character names. Didn’t pippa get recast years ago in home and away. Same thing.

    • Apologies to Batwoman fans, but CW is making superhero soap operas, the dialogue used in most CW Arrowverse shows would not be out of place in the The Young and the Restless, as would most of the actors,
      Replacing soap characters with new actors has been happening for years, the show must go on.

  1. I don’t know why they said “had nothing to do with her health or injury.” It sounds like it had a lot to do with what happened next. Also a very plausible and good reason to quit. I wish her well.

  2. The franchise has had a history of injury disruptions caused by stunt accidents. Given that Rose had a history of back problems, had previous back surgery before this accident, an action show does seem a poor fit.

    • Yep and one of the ones they had on Batwoman was a production assistant named Amanda Smith being paralysed from the waist down when the bucket of a forklift-style machine lowered onto her head. So yeah as I said yesterday wouldn’t be supervised if Ruby’s one lead to this, especially with the time of and time to contemplate on things. I mean after all she had the surgery mid-season one and went back to filming, so if she was a bit cranky on-set it wouldn’t surprise me at all and again while in lock-down probably had more time to consider things.

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