Returning: The Voice

Nine adds new format twists to The Voice's "biggest, boldest & most controversial season."

Season 9 of The Voice begins on Nine later this month, promising its “biggest, boldest and most controversial season.”

All four Coaches Delta Goodrem, Boy George, Kelly Rowland and Guy Sebastian return, along with new host Renee Bargh (Extra) and returning host Darren McMullen (despite those controversial comments he gave to TV Tonight!).

Up for grabs is an EMI Music contacts with $100,000 in prizemoney. Once again, “All-Stars” are back for a second shot alongside an international winner of The Voice, a winner of Australian Idol, and the youngest artist to ever audition in any season across the globe.

This season will also introduce “the Block”: during the Blind Auditions, each Coach will be allowed two Blocks which will deny the other Coaches the chance to pitch for the voices they hear (it isn’t clear if that means they are also ruled out as a coach).

Nine will also reveal details of “The Playoffs” and “Showdowns” soon.

But the season is set to face disruption from COVID-19 restrictions, which are likely to see at least two coaches plus finalists having to appear remotely (further mentors perhaps?).

The Voice is produced for Nine by ITV Australia.

7pm Sunday May 24 on Nine.

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  1. One thing I’ve never understood is why Universal Australia stick with this show. What benefit do they get out the show coz none of the artists make any money for them?

    1. They would make money from the music sung on the show as well as any digital sales of performances that are released after broadcast.

      I assume that the contestants would be limited to singing music presided by the label backing the show, hence why an agreement with a record label is critical for shows like these.

  2. A winner from Australian idol??? Well can’t be Guy doubt it will be Casey. Could be either Kate Daruge, Stan walker (doubtful), Natalie Gauci, Wess Carr or Damien Lief. My guess is Natalie or Wess.

  3. There is a reason it’s called The Voice – its all about Which so called Coach has the biggest voice! Its really the Delta Goodrem show, as she tries to dominate the camera time, with a few B grade celebrities trying to keep their careers going past there useby date. The contestants singing comes a very distant second to the antics of the Coaches.

    1. This constant criticism of Delta is really unfair. She is the only Australian coach to stick with the show consistently, except for one season, and even then she was off doing The Voice Kids.

      Guy only came on last year. Kylie only did one season. Keith only did one season.

      Honestly, I think she’s too good for the show and should leave – but she loves to mentor young artists.

      And in terms of screen time, Delta isn’t in charge of how the show is edited, so you can’t really say she dominates the screen time.

  4. I find it crazy they’re going ahead with this when presumably two of the coaches can’t come into the country (presuming they weren’t stuck here already). I get why – ratings. But still… Then with the introduction of the block option I don’t want to watch as I hate the idea of it. Seems completely unfair to the contestants who may actually be best suited for one coach. At least here they aren’t overly different compared to say the US which has coaches from different genres. This show is now all about the coaches, not the contestants.

    1. Agreed, as much as we have always known this show was about the coaches and never really about the singers, it just seems even more coach heavy now with the format changes. And too many hosts now too. Its actually ridiculous now and makes me long for Australian Idol more than ever now.

    2. Sorry all shows should if possible go ahead. These shows if following guidelines should have the right. What about the contestants who appear on the show? At this time everything should be done as normal not make any changes to what was going to be screened. The block works in the show gives some more reaction.

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