Seven outsources scheduling roles to Manila

EXCLUSIVE: Seven has confirmed it has outsourced some Scheduling duties to Manila.

Scheduling is the work of a team who build the final playlist containing all the details for network and local metro broadcasts that are downloaded to playout hub, NPC Sydney. This includes the placement of commercials, promos for each market and ensuring system info.

In 2018 Seven also outsourced its Traffic department to a company in Manila.

A Seven spokesperson told TV Tonight, “The creation and control of schedules for each channel remains in Melbourne with Seven. It has recently been announced to staff in that area that some roles within the team will be shifted to the Seven service centre in Manila joining other aligned functions.”

It isn’t clear how many roles are made redundant in the latest move, but is understood to be part of a wider network transformation under CEO James Warburton.

Media companies 10, Nine, Foxtel, Southern Cross Austereo and News Corp have all recently announced job losses.


  1. As Meat Loaf would say “You took the words right out of my mouth” companies asking people to promote made in Australia campaign so what does ATN do…… go to Manila lol!

  2. i echo alot of comments here. Wont change their decision though. Now the major outcome of this pandemic is to keep australian jobs going and 7 outsources to another country. I hope they never bag another call centre in any of their news or current affairs programs, pot calling kettle and all that. Lets hope the other major networks dont follow the lead of 7.

  3. The Big Red Train is about to hit a wall, big-time. What a travesty that one of Australia’s richest men resorts to outsourcing moderately-paid Australian jobs to the Philippines.

  4. I know I’m getting old … but I do wonder what television networks (public and commercial) now see as “core business”. In my day it was what we put to air, but now everyone has “outsourced” this vital part of the broadcasting process and the results to air are becoming pitiful.

  5. “The Australian Television Network”. Not anymore. I suddenly have no qualms about sourcing entertainment direct from international streaming services. I’d say I’d boycott them over this but I abandoned them years ago because of their failure to service Australian audiences adequately. Shame on Seven.

  6. Offshoring…. short term gain for long term pain if you ask me!!…. not good for 7. They really going down the toilet who would have thought this a few years ago.

    • Short term pain and long term pain for some cost savings in one area offset by consequences in others. False economics over the longer term in my working experience.

    • Could this not just be either or both 1) continual wind-down of BCM (seeing as most of its broadcast teams already shifted offshore or to Sydney) or 2) to made more sense with the “traffic” team already offshore?

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