Seven pips 10 for Thursday win

Ratings: A MasterChef / Gogglebox combo led in entertainment but Seven's extra multichannel gave it the edge.

10 may have won primary channel share with a MasterChef and Gogglebox combo but the network was only pipped in primetime share because it lacks a third multichannel.

MasterChef Australia won its slot at 1.02m and led the demos. Next were 7:30 (596,000) and RBT (467,000) and World’s Most Beautiful Railway (313,000).

Gogglebox season finale easily won later at 851,000, well in front of a movie replay of The Devil Wears Prada (331,000), Grand Designs Australia (323,000) and movie: The Bourne Identity (308,000).

Seven network won Thursday with 25.7% then 10 25.6%, Nine 24.4%, ABC 15.0% and SBS 9.3%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.23m / 1.17m for Seven then The Chase (690,000 / 417,000) and a triple episode playout of Home and Away (562,000 from 7pm).

The Project did well at 679,000 / 438,000 for 10. 10 News First (463,000 / 320,000) and a replay of The Secrets She Keeps (151,000).

Nine News was best for Nine at 1.08m/ 1.00m then A Current Affair (673,000) and Hot Seat (603,000 / 332,000).

ABC News won its slot at 840,000. Sammy J drew 417,000, The Heights (282,000), The Drum (263,000), Barrie Cassidy’s One Plus One (244,000) and The Cult Of The Family (128,000).

On SBS it was SBS World News (199,000), Building Britain’s Canals (193,000) and Mastermind (129,000).

NCIS topped multichannels at 182,000.

The Morning Show: 200,000 / 120,000
Today Extra: 120,000 / 62,000
Studio 10: 55,000 / 47,000 / 28,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 30 April 2020

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    1. MC82, The Chase Australia premiered on September 14, 2015. For the first three years, it had at least 120K more viewers than the tripe on Nine, sometimes even considerably more. Present day, Hot Seat seems to be breathing down its neck. But I agree, there is no comparison.

      1. Yes, which caused Hot Seat to revamp. At first I thought it was rusted-on ch. 9 viewers propping it up but this increase of late is baffling. The pacing is awful, Eddie is dreadful and the tension is nil. I don’t get it.

  1. Also it was really lovely to see Iris outside of her shop on The Heights this week. Her characters has always been a favourite and it surprises me that it’s Carina Hoang first ever acting role coz she’s a natural.

  2. Very good numbers for The Project recently…The current situation has allowed them to cover different topics rather than the same old topics/agenda every night which became very repetitive. I’m sure everyone agrees…it will be good to get the audience back in the studio…certainly feels flat without the audience but the presenters have done very well considering.

  3. (Gogglebox) They may bring it back earlier, who knows. I’ll be missing it, it was my excuse to drink at home on a Saturday.

    Ten should claim Number 1 network for last night easily next week with consolidated.

    1. Depends as by the last one BOLD dropped and PEACH went up while 10 went up after 7 days. However that was with last week running Gogglebox later and Masterchef MasterClass getting 49,000 less than *Gogglebox got this week, so it may still be close with perhaps 10 getting up on Seven by that 0.1% or drawing even.

      *NB: Gogglebox was down by 23,00 on two weeks ago (Apr 16th) in the same timeslot, so be interesting to also see if people were put off by Masterchef doing the double last week and decided to wait and watch later in case this week.

      1. I agree. Have really enjoyed this series and look forward to it each week. In these strange times it actually feels like a catch up with friends and will miss them

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