Should 10 revive Shark Tank?

Should 10 revive Shark Tank?

While networks are scrambling to green-light shows that can proceed in an age of social-distancing, it’s one that wouldn’t require much modifying to remain within regulations.

The Endemol Shine show last aired in mid-2018 with a season average of 610,000 viewers. 10 has never ruled out a future return.

Now when small business is on its knees, it could provide some exposure and there would be added drama in getting Sharks to part with their money now.

Who knows, maybe somebody has some Post-COVID inventions to benefit us all?

Shark Janine Allis told TV Tonight, “The best ideas in history has been though adversity.

“Would love to see some of the ideas that will come out of COVID-19. Maybe one day on Shark Tank.


  1. tolliver333

    Simply no. I get how the show could be shot but really at this time do we need a celebration on people attempt to make money while people are struggling.

    • They could film it right now as a documentary on how businesses are handling COVID-19.

      Film at 30 companies to give content for three years of the show. Not impossible with two crews doing 15 businesses between now and end of the year.

      It has been long enough off air many people would not assume it was UB

  2. David, please correct me if I’m barking up the wrong tree here but my feeling was that Shark Tank never had an official decision to be axed at all. It seemed like Janine was offered a unique opportunity in Survivor so she took that which threw off not just the whole filming schedule for Shark Tank but also her availability due to Survivor taking up a good 2-3 months of her professional life so she couldn’t really commit to more television that year.
    That said, she could have been recast.

  3. If the investors claimed to be in saying yes to investing on the show, then dropping out of the deals after the show, it seems to defeat the purpose of the show. This seems to have been a critical issue with the UK version Dragons’ Den too. The UK version Dragons’ Den seems to still be active.

  4. As a Dragon’s Den/Shark Tank obsessive, I still find myself watching the still (somewhat) daily uploads from Shark Tank Australia a must watch. Definitely missing the show, and being that it’s an already proven entity, seems like it’s worth giving it another season!

  5. Bizarre that 10 hadn’t renewed this. With 10’s schedule being as barren as it is, they need all the content they can get their hands on, unless they’re content with filling their schedule with Dave Hughes repeats and underperforming Jamie Oliver specials.

  6. Surprised it was axed in the first place. Ratings seemed strong enough to continue (particularly for 10). Couldn’t see it costing heaps either.

  7. Shark Tank was a great show, made even more watchable by its personable cast and creative producers, even Sarah Harris was a good element. A shame too as I recall MasterChef being a lead-in at one stage, I think 2015 or 2016 when MC ratings were high again and Shark Tank would do 700-800k metro wouldn’t it!

    • I think Masterchef is on a bit of an upswing from past years with this All-Star edition (perhaps it’s the ‘All-Star’ gimmick, maybe it’s because people are stuck at home)

  8. It feels like a show that would benefit, ratings wise, from a year off last year. Surely the ratio of production costs to ratings would make it worthwhile bringing back. And there is a whole in 10s schedule at 8.30 on Tuesdays…

    • Fairfax journalist Cara Waters determined that the vast majority never proceeded after the cameras stopped rolling.“Of the 50 businesses which appeared on Shark Tank last year, 27 received investment from the sharks on television, however only four of these investments actually went ahead,” she wrote.

    • It’s a fair question, but probably better suited to earlier seasons. Due diligence etc would take time. There are definitely some that have gone onto success, but I can’t verify the number.

  9. It just needs to come back: it’s certainly one of the best shows on Ten that shouldn’t have ended. It has a good following and shouldn’t ever have been just old replays on 10 Bold.

  10. I never worked out why they decided not to renew it in the first place. It always rated reasonably well, even with numerous day and time slot changes

  11. 10 really need to bring the show back! I’ve been missing it since it wrapped up in 2018. They just need to not mess around with the time slot and play out two episodes a week to burn it off for other reality or drama shows like they did in 2017.

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