The Living Room: promo

10 has released a promo for the new-look Living Room with Amanda, Chris, Barry and Miguel, now produced internally by 10 and not WTFN.

New executive producer Caroline Swift has told Mediaweek, “It will be an entirely new show. But we think people will see it like a renovation. After the initial surprise it will feel like it’s always been like that. We wanted to give the talent more to do and create a show around them that played to their strengths in a way the show now does. Although it has been reinvented, if viewers loved the show before they will love it now.”

Former regulars like Cherie Barber and Peter Walsh won’t feature as much in the new format.

“It’s now all about the core cast,” said 10’s head of popular factual Sarah Thornton. “We feel the cast have such diverse talents that it isn’t necessary to have additional talent. The hosts are more than willing to roll up their sleeves, get stuck in. They are such a powerhouse, we don’t think they are going to need help.”

A premiere date is yet to be announced.


  1. One can be over exposed, I think viewers got a lot from Cherie and Peter, both very motivational and I think you need regular guests to mix it up a bit. Loved this show from get go. The new set looks great, hope it is not too distracting, there is a lot in the background I’ll be checking out.

    • 10 didn’t build the space it was bought probably by 10 & turned into a house. It is in Newtown near the church & cemetary. Next to the park where Newtown festival is.

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