The new normal for dating shows?

How do you film dating shows during COVID-19 restrictions?

That’s the challenge facing The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Married at First Sight and potentially Love Island... amongst others.

International productions of Temptation Island are looking to gear up again for the US, Spain, Germany, Holland and Finland.

Variety reports Finnish commercial channel Nelonen has just greenlit an eighth season of Temptation Island, with production set to take place in two villas in Finland over their summer. Testing and quarantining of cast and crew will also be implemented before production starts in June or July.

Safety measures for the German production include: plexiglass walls in vehicles and control room; daily fever measurements twice a day, as well as coronavirus tests in case of suspected cases; use of masks, gloves and distancing for crew; disinfection of working spaces and kit; and working in clusters to minimise risk of infection.

Each version of Temptation Island shoots for between 14-21 days. The cast comprises four couples and eight singles, while the crew size averages around 50 — although this is likely to be scaled back this summer to make filming safer and more manageable.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if producers somewhere aren’t working on a “Dating at a distance” format to rush to air.

    Quarantining and testing works as long as it works. It only takes one failed test though for the production to fall apart. I do think though as we move into the new “normal” it’s easy to see how the on-screen element of most reality shows could proceed as they generally do involve being isolated from the outside world – it’s keeping production safe which is trickier, though probably easier on a show like Temptation Island or The Bachellor where a crew might relocate to location for a few weeks, but trickier on a show like Big Brother where a crew wouldn’t usually be quarantined.

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