TV Week editor departs

TV Week editor Thomas Woodgate has left after six years with the magazine.

During this time he has overseen a Logie Awards revamp and the launch of a new monthly magazine.

On social media he looked back on the mag’s run and thanked his team.

Last week there were reports he had been offered a redundancy. Bauer recently culled  ome 70 staff after it acquired Pacific Magazines. TV Week has halted all work with freelance journalists and cancelled the 2020 Logie Awards.

Bauer Media is yet to advise his successor.


  1. Poor TV Week. With the editor leaving, having no freelance journalists, and the axing of the Logies for 2020 – it cant get any better for the mag.

    • harrypotter1994

      It must be at least 6 years since I last bought the mag coz I don’t believe I bought any with Thomas as Editor. I stopped buying because it became less and less relevant to me (prefer the content here) while the price went up and up.

      • Best wishes for Thomas. I’ve brought TV Week for many years as the magazine is part of my childhood. It’s great the program guide is a week ahead. I remember a female editor that always related to something her kids had done in the editors page.

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