UK to resume Neighbours, Home & Away eps 5 days a week

UK broadcaster Channel 5 is resuming Neighbours and Home & Away episodes 5 days a week from Monday May 11.

Each had been reduced to 2 days a week last month as production was halted on both.

Neighbours resumed full production earlier this week, winning global coverage for the progressive it has made to keep cast and crew safe. There will be no intimate scenes, cast and crew will be isolated into three distinct groups, and camera tricks will be used to make physically-distanced actors look more intimate.

Home and Away is yet to resume filming, but Seven has returned new episodes to air after a three week hiatus during news coverage.

Georgie Parker told TV Tonight, “We were working right up until about (four) and a half weeks ago and we were doing really well. We had adjusted filming in a very effective manner, adhering to as much spatial distancing as was possible.

“If they take the restrictions back a step or two, we will be able to resume filming. So we’re just waiting for that. We’re all guessing June, July.”

Source: The Sun


  1. carolemorrissey

    Why on earth did 7 have 3 eps of Home & Away this week? They suspended filming it so it is ridiculous to be showing 3 eps together. I thought they would be spreading them out. They will run out of episodes to show. They obviously changed it last minute as when I checked the guide earlier there was another show listed. I wondered what was going on when it was still going way after 7.30. I usually switch over to Survivor when it ends. Had to wait till an ad break to tape the rest of it. Bloody annoying. And what happened to the second part of the Billy Connolly show that was supposed to be on?

  2. Just_saying

    Home and Away is literally the only the thing I watch on ch7- (on 7plus catch up tv). Nothing else really grabs my attention, am enjoying Masterchef atm and watch a few shows on the abc.

  3. I know Home and Away was off for 3 weeks here and hasnt been doing the double and triples on Thursdays it usually did, only showing 4 episodes a week, I notice Seven aren’t savouring any episodes as it goes into triple Thursdays next week.

    A lot of people are watching to see how Five plan to close the 3 week gap its created with Neighbours.

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