Update: Fraggle Rock: Rock On!

Free mini-episodes of revived kid's show begins on Apple TV+ on Tuesday.

Apple TV+ has now advised Fraggle Rock: Rock On! will screen from Tuesday.

The delay was due to local classification.

The first three mini-episodes produced in lockdown will premiere, and new episodes will continue to premiere for free every Tuesday.

The Fraggles make their return in Apple’s “Fraggle Rock: Rock On!,” a new, original collection of mini-episodes, produced by The Jim Henson Company, premiering Tuesday 12 May exclusively on Apple TV+, a home for award-winning, educational children’s programming. The beloved stars of the classic 80s series, Gobo, Red, Boober, Mokey, Wembley, and Uncle Traveling Matt, join together again for new stories and classic Fraggle songs that show everyone how we are all connected through friendship. New mini-episodes will continue to premiere for free, every Tuesday.

While the Fraggles might be in different parts of the Fraggle Rock caves, they can still find ways to have fun together, with music, silliness, special guests, and of course the help of devices created by the industrious Doozers – lovingly called the Doozertubes! In the first mini-episode entitled “Shine On,” new Doozertubes are delivered to the Fraggles’ caves, allowing them to come together for a favourite song “Shine On, Shine On Me.”

The all-new short form episodes are produced by The Jim Henson Company, and executive produced by Halle Stanford and John Tartaglia. In accordance with the Covid-19 “Safer at Home” guidelines, “Fraggle Rock: Rock On!” is all shot on iPhone 11 phones from the homes of the production team and individual artists from all over the U.S.

“Fraggle Rock: Rock On!” joins an award-winning lineup of shows from today’s most trusted brands in kids and family programming that are now streaming for free on Apple TV+, including Sesame Workshop’s “Helpsters” and “Ghostwriter”; and “Snoopy in Space,” from Peanuts. With families around the world staying at home, Apple is featuring curated collections of TV shows, movies, music, podcasts, books, apps and games for families and kids of all ages. These collections have been created to help parents educate and entertain their kids and to assist teachers who are exploring creative ways to facilitate remote learning.

Tuesday May 12 on Apple TV+.

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  1. Fraggle Rock an old show. It was popular back in the day, though it must still be popular with the children nowadays as it’s shown a lot on NITV. I don’t know if Ghostwriter was broadcast in Australia, though I did see it when I was overseas in my youth. It was an enjoyable show along the lines of Press Gang meets Scooby Doo. I remember there were some interesting celebrity cameos on that show.

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