US protests target CNN Atlanta

CNN headquarters in Atlanta has been targeted amid ongoing rioting following the death of black American George Floyd.

The Atlanta Police Department has a precinct inside CNN Center.

CNN has broadcast a Live stand-off between protestors and police at CNN headquarters. Reporters inside the building were broadcasting Live in the middle of a flashpoint in which they were under siege.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Images and video captured by news networks and social media users showed that some of the spray-painted messages on the logo included “no cops,” “f*** Trump” and “#Love.” CBS 46 in Atlanta reported that though the protest was primarily “peaceful” at the start, one protester threw a brick at the CNN headquarters’ windows and others threw rocks.

Later, protestors threw milk jugs, bricks and water bottles at police cars in front of the headquarters, and at that point, some protestors began running. While CNN’s Nick Valencia and his crew were live on air with Chris Cuomo, protesters threw some sort of firecracker at the police holding a barricade inside the CNN Center.

 The tense and violent scene was dispersed with what appeared to be tear gas.

Protestors and escalating scenes have been breaking out in cities including  Minneapolis, Portland, Dallas, Memphis, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Atlanta, Louisville, Kansas City, Detroit, Columbus, New York, Washington, San Jose, Los Angeles, Boston and Houston.

The White House also went into lockdown with protestors outside.

This is the fourth night of protests over George Floyd’s death.


  1. jezza the first original one

    CNN is quite anti-trump. CNN if anything helped highlight and spread the word of what happened to George LLoyd. George was killed in Minneapolis not Atlanta. These rioters are both evil and stupid. If this was China the military would open fire….

  2. I just don’t understand these protests. What is looting and burning down public buildings going to do? It’s not going to bring back George Floyd! It’s just going to get more arrested!

    • Agree, the logic as I like to put it, is that hey my fridge is broken, ah I don’t wanna fix that, let me just burn my kitchen down instead….

      Mistakes are made and lives are lost everyday in hospitals, on our roads etc etc, yes there is racism, but I don’t see how looting and burning your own city fixes that.

      There is an anarchist element pushing and agitating for chaos and war, scary times ahead

    • Riots have never made logical sense in that way. There is an culmination of emotion when the powerless’ values are being ignored, when those in power inflame racial tensions and peaceful protest is ignored or condemned.

  3. My wife was watching CNN last night 2nd screen. It became the 1st screen as the CNN crew were arrested. I cannot believe that police command were not watching CNN and aware that the camera was still streaming as police took it away. A pity the mic wasn’t still live with the camera. Watching CNN and Fox News this afternoon, there’s really been nothing like it since 9/11.

    For the USA, it’s almost the perfect storm: rampant racism by some police; Covid-19; and the 3 years of erratic governance – or non-governance – by a self-absorbed “its’s all about me” President (Tricky Dicky looks positively minor league in comparison to Dodgy Donny).

    That perfect storm has led to a, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore” situation.

    • oceanographer

      The economy under the current President was doing really well, unemployment at a record low, wages increasing before Covid 19 came about so I’m not sure about your blinded hatred view of how the US president’s governance is relevant to the topic of this article.

    • It has nothing to do with Party Lines, if that were the case then Obama should be held just as complicit as Trump due to the 2014 Ferguson Riots over a similar thing. Those flared up 3 times first on the day after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown: August 9, 2014 – August 25, 2014, then again when Darren Wilson was not indicted: November 24, 2014 – December 2, 2014 and again on the Anniversary of the shooting: August 9, 2015 – August 11, 2015.

      Similarly with the LA Riots in 1992, 6 months later Bill Clinton was elected President over George H Bush and like all Presidents before and after him regardless of Party did nothing in his 8 years to get it all changed. The blame game going back and forth between both parties supporters does as much good as those who are rioting, who let’s be honest are in the position they are rioting because nether party has done anything about this…

    • who noticed the color of the skin that they killed was not white, they themselves are not racists? if you choose.
      if you notice skin color that you are not racist?

  4. Trump is going to create civil war the way he is going.
    I suspect they were targeting the police re the arrest of the CNN reporter

    • What better way to get publicity than to target a media company…..
      But also the article says it all…. the police have a precinct in the CNN Center

    • Maybe remembering the 90’s and afraid of the “CNN Effect” affecting the Police department,

      “Coverage of the first Gulf War and other crises of the early 1990s like the LA Riots in 1992 and the infamous Battle of Mogadishu in 1993 (Black Hawk down) led officials at the Pentagon to coin the term ‘the CNN effect’ to describe the perceived impact of real time, 24-hour news coverage on the decision-making processes of the American government.”

      Or maybe they felt that extends to people themselves now and the coverage would have an impact with more rioters joining in.

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