10 yanks Tommy from schedule due to US crisis

Not the week for drama storylines with protestors and US police.

10 is pulling Edie Falco drama Tommy from its planned premiere tomorrow night, due to the news crisis in the US.

Tommy sees Falco become the first female Chief of Police for the LAPD.

Episode 1 deals with race relations and protestors while episodes also tackle immigration, tension between law enforcement and communities of colour, and sexual misconduct in the entertainment business.

The series was also recently axed after just one season.

Sources tell TV Tonight 10 still plans to screen the series at a later date.

Repeats of Bull will continue in its place at 9pm Wednesdays for now.

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  1. I was wondering why 10 stopped advertising Tommy. Disappointed that it’s not going ahead at the moment. I thought it sounded interesting. And instead of showing repeats of Bull, how about new episodes of Law and Order: SVU instead?

  2. I was wondering what was happening. They were still advertising it yesterday but the guide had Bull listed. And ch 7 still had Absentia listed instead of Criminal Minds.

    1. Clearly Ten thought they needed to put something fresh on a Wednesday night to keep their drama slot warm until Five Bedrooms returns at some point

      It wouldn’t hurt to screen it on 10Bold otherwise, not every one-season show has to be treated poorly if they think it can work – I remember when Ten continued to show Back To You despite it being axed in the US, I even recall reports of them showing the last couple of episodes first.

  3. Ten screened a 10 second signpost in support of solidarity of their black members of the team and the wider black community during Ten News First tonight

    Tonight’s ep of The Project meanwhile is focusing of Indigenous issues and ‘closing the gap’

    Very considered approach

  4. Really can’t understand why they would replace it with repeats of ‘Bull’, the show has low viewership numbers here when new episodes are screened. Would there be any news if ‘This Is Us’ will return?

        1. If TEN screens it on Peach, us hearing impaired won’t get any CCs as TEN’s too lazy to put ’em up.
          Wait for it on the main channel
          But I’m disappointed to learn it lasted just one season.

  5. If America’s ABC can air a crime themed “Match Game- Shooting Blanks” special complete with crime scene tape and outline of a dead body on the stage’s floor in the midst of this chaos, I see no reason why Ten can’t proceed with a crime drama.

    1. Sorry was referring to why they can’t show ‘This is us’ on peach now, surely this could have aired instead of being shown endless repeats. Or give it another go on the main channel and air it after Masterchef.

      1. This is Us is dead in Australia. I loved the show and was really into it but then 10 made the third season available via catch up as an app exclusive only. I didn’t have a TV setup at the time and the thought of watching it on my little iPhone 7 didn’t appeal so I let it go. Mum also had no way of watching after missing an episode so had to let it go too.

  6. Sorry I have seen the first episode. There is positive messages in it. Should have been screened. Also there are people who would appreciate watch TV drama and not news.

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