ABC retro Sundays

ABC is headed for Sunday movies with Muriel’s Wedding and Romper Stomper to screen this weekend.

ABC had originally scheduled repeats of TV dramas Mrs. Wilson, Barracuda and Doctor Foster, but has now opted for movie replays instead.

Sunday June 14
9:25pm  Muriel’s Wedding rpt
11:10pm Romper Stomper rpt

Meanwhile Nine is also in retro mode on Tuesdays with Crocodile Dundee next Tuesday after Kath & Kim.


  1. Isn’t Muriel’s Wedding also being advertised on channel 9 as part of their retro viewing ,talk about slack tightwad programming.

  2. No matter what sometimes we forget to revisit things from the past and actually remember how good they actually are. Don’t tell David Stratton Romper Stomper is back on TV ….

      • I can see both sides of this but it was also a style of movie making that doesn’t go over with the general public. Some of the performances are amazing in it ….

        • Agree there ,Russell does crazy agro and dies very well in movies ,I always remember shirty the slightly aggressive 🐻 , now that was funny.

  3. It’s been a long time since ABC showed films on a regular basis-would be reasonable to drop the Comedy thing and it’s reliance on many dubious ‘comedies’ and constant cycling repeats in favour of a more balanced content.

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