Airdate: War of the Worlds

British - French sci-fi premieres on SBS in early July.

British – French sci-fi War of the Worlds premieres on SBS in early July with a double episode.

Not to be confused with a recent UK period adaptation, this modern reimagining was due to premiere in April.

Starring Gabriel Byrne (ZeroZeroZero), Elizabeth McGovern (Downton Abbey) and Daisy Edgar-Jones (Normal People), War Of The Worlds is a bold, contemporary reimagining of H.G Wells’ classic novel.

Set in present-day Europe, War Of The Worlds is an eight-part series that follows pockets of survivors forced to team up after an apocalyptic extra-terrestrial strike. When astronomers detect a transmission from another galaxy, it is definitive proof of intelligent extra-terrestrial life.

When they make contact, the world is thrown into a universe of danger.

War Of The Worlds is written and created by the BAFTA award winner Howard Overman (Misfits, Crazyhead, Merlin), and stars Lea Drucker (The Bureau).

Double episode 8:30pm Thursday, 9 July on SBS.

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  1. I’ve been very eager for this, particularly seeing as the BBC version was such a massive let down. I’m craving a modern take that does Wells’ timeless tale justice (and I’m still living in denial that the awful Tom Cruise movie exists).

        1. Most of the money went into teaching Dakota Fanning to scream her guts out so much that my tweeters in the speakers started to smoke , awful awful and that ruined the movie for me alot.

  2. I’ll be watching, but I prefer period adaptations of the story. The issue with the BBC one was that, at just 3 eps , it was too short and didn’t develop the story. The Martians were just here in no time.

    1. If you are a purist of the original H.G. Wells story I would agree, but in today’s technology age younger viewers will be attracted to a more challenging contemporary story arc to confront any visiting malevolent aliens.
      I am curious though how this classic ‘War of the Worlds’ fiction book title has been re-imagined so often in recent times without copyright challenge.

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