Australian Survivor contestant suing over injury

Big wave surfer Ross Clarke-Jones is suing Australian Survivor producers following an accident which occurred during filming in Fiji last May.

Clarke-Jones snapped his ankle after a rope broke during a challenge when he was swinging from one platform to another. reports his statement of claim described as a “syndesmosis disruption” to his right ankle as well as severe bruising and lacerations to his left leg.

“At the date of injury, the plaintiff was a professional big wave surfer with sponsorship arrangements, including with Red Bull and Quiksilver,” the statement of claim, obtained by, reads.

“The plaintiff is and has been since his injury totally incapacitated for his previous employment and claims past loss of earning and future loss of earnings.”

His claim also includes “loss of opportunity in relation to competing for the prize money available on Survivor.”

Endemol Shine Australia declined to comment. It has previously noted challenges are conducted under supervision and Clarke-Jones was given immediate medical attention.


  1. Good job producers didn’t broadcast the footage to the whole nation showing that the incident was down to a flaw in the construction of the challenge then.

  2. Hard to see how the fault lies with anyone other than the production company. Not the kind of incident that a waiver can absolve. Endemol Shine should settle and save everyone the legal fees.

  3. to TV or not to TV

    Interesting to see how this pans out. Contestants, I’m led to believe, do sign indemnity clauses so his lawyers must be onto something if this has proceeded into a lawsuit. For that rope to snap like that during a challenge (where producers make every effort to make them as safe as possible) may indicate negligence of some sort. Thick and heavy rope like that used should not snap like that. Good luck Ross.

      • to TV or not to TV

        Cannot recall where I read that the rope snapped however “disconnecting” from the loop at the top, I would argue, is almost as bad. It should not have happened. Equipment failure that like is inexcusable and totally different from situations such as a contestant tripping or falling over, bumping their heads or twisting their ankles or any other injury caused by running, grabbing, swinging or whatever else you can imagine.

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