Axed: Celebrity Name Game

After recently advising there were no plans to return to Celebrity Name Game, 10 has now gone a step further and axed the show outright.

A Network 10 spokesperson said: “We had a lot of fun bringing Celebrity Name Game to audiences.

“As the news cycle continues to move rapidly, audiences have really engaged with the additional coverage from 10 News First in our 6pm timeslot. The News has lifted this timeslot 40% compared to its 2019 average which is a testament to the hard work and commitment of our fantastic news team.

“For those missing Grant Denyer, don’t worry, he’ll be back soon in a special run of Family Feud.”

The show moved from 10’s primary channel to 10 BOLD last December due to low ratings. It was also replaced by Star Trek: Voyager reruns earlier this month.


  1. Nothing but news will work on commercial FTA at 6pm. 10 need to double down on a game show and run it at 4pm on 10, not Bold or Peach. This would put it against the totally unnecessary 4pm bulletins on 7 and 9, but also give the game show lovers 3 shows in a row leading into the traditional news bulletin.

  2. I wonder if a 90 minute The Project would rate better than a 90 minute news broadcast. I feel like they could add additional segments, increase viewership and reduce costs as the project is national.

  3. Yeah the game shows were an ill fit at 6pm, maybe 4pm up against 7 and 9’s News shows as that may have been more a time an alternative was wanted. Always felt the then 2:30pm Neighbours encore could have come after Bold and The Beautiful at 5pm and 10 News be a 5:30pm – 6:30pm one to catch people as they just got home.

    Honestly though if I was ViacomCBS I’d be trying my best to get Peter Everett back and do Ready Steady Cook at 4pm, it was a competition and very well liked with Peter hosting (by memory still one of the most commented things on TV Tonight when they replaced him). That is if they are thinking of doing game shows in the future if the News ever goes back to an hour, get that feed into Bold then Encore Neighbours then the News.

    • Maev....Sydney

      I would so love to see Ready, Steady, Cook back….nice afternoon viewing….and gave a lot of chefs a big leg up….to now be well known faces in Australia.

  4. What a pity 😢 though it was expected. Grant’s only success has been Family Feud and Dancing With the Stars.
    May I please have an answer regarding if the episode featuring Play School’s Benita and George ever got filmed and aired?

    • HeyHey_Variety

      Family Feud was never a success on Channel 10 at six o’clock. Family Feud was just billed as a success, as its ratings were merged by the three channel road block. On the first night the Feud aired just on the main channel, FF rated 700K and it was going alright! I don’t know why they thought FF would attract more viewers on three channels.

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