Between Two Worlds: promo

Upcoming drama by writer Bevan Lee is on Seven in July.

Seven has released a trailer for upcoming drama Between Two Worlds by writer Bevan Lee.

The series will screen in July.

A mother. Proud, caring and strong. Her family is everything. An ordinary world.

A billionaire. He thinks he has everything. Money, power and control. An extraordinary world.

Two Families. Two worlds. They will collide. What does she have that he wants?

From the creator of A Place to Call Home, Packed To The Rafters, Winners and Losers and All Saints, Between Two Worlds is a bold, daring and emotionally gripping Australian drama starring acclaimed British actress Hermione Norris (Luther, Cold Feet), Philip Quast (Picnic At Hanging Rock), Sara Wiseman (A Place To Call Home) and Aaron Jeffery (McLeod’s Daughters).


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  1. After loving A Place To Call Home, I really excited to see what Bevan does this time around. Some of the APTCH actors are in this one too: Sara Wiseman, Dominic Allburn and Craig Hall.

  2. Love Hermione Norris but why does an English actress have to be imported when there are plenty of Australian actresses with an international profile that could have played the role. We seem to be returning to the 70s & 80s where we need an international name to sell our projects. Even Stan did it with George Mackay playing Ned Kelly. This on top of our appalling local quotas means a lot less work for our local artists. No wonder they all head overseas once the graduate.

    1. Firstly it isn’t clear what the role is, it may require some hint of British aristocracy, for example. But more broadly speaking the union has had fights over actor imports for decades. Broadcasters / producers want names to help sell titles overseas and there is an argument to suggest some shows only get funding because of marquee names. The Secrets She Keeps is now being sold with Laura Carmichael. In the end these have to be approved by union, so it seems MEAA did not object.

    2. Numbers of Australian actors have over the decades appeared and made careers for themselves on British / US TV as well, surely it says something about Australian productions that well known overseas actors want to make shows in Australia like Ioan Gruffudd (Harrow), Sofia Helin (Mystery Road)
      Making movies and TV series is very international now, overseas sales are burgeoning especially for SVOD.

  3. I suspect this soap (sorry show) has already been sold to the UK, they will love Between Two Worlds.
    I suspect even Netflix would also find an international slot somewhere for this series. (They will certainly love the shows title, very retro 1970’s. I wonder if it’s copyright).

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