1. harrypotter1994

    I’m really enjoying Cameron Dado’s guest stint as Ryder’s father who left before he was born. Lukas is a natural and it’s always good to see more of Georgie and Ray.

  2. The article title reminded me of that stupid twist promo ch9 did for BB. That twist at the end was so cool, into the BB bunker. I liked that a lot. This isn’t the Big Brother I knew from the past but it’s an enjoyable ride so far. Every time I hear Sonya narrate it I jist wish it were Mikey Goldman. That is my biggest annoyance. That and not hearing everyone’s nominations.

  3. Angela spoke well and looked lovely on Sunrise this morning. I think the makers of Earl GreyTea should grab her with a deal in hand !

  4. I get why BB traditionalists don’t watch BB, but if you’re not a purist and are a little curious it’s worth having a look. Yes it’s similar to Survivor, but it has its own twists on the theme, case in point being last night’s episode. Everyone is focusing on Angela, but a good number of the cast are interesting. Gone are the days when you had to be 20 something and either good looking or noisy.

    Each episode may be long, but they are well edited and keep your attention. I understand that for some they don’t spend enough time on the cast just chatting. Maybe 7 could do an extra episode where they do just that, focus on what the discussions where about for the past week, so those who want to get to know the cast better, can.

    • I can see where people come from about it not being the same. As it’s own show and format aside from big brother it’s actually a fun show. I do agree there needs to be more footage of the housemates talking and interacting. It’s getting hard to understand whose friends with who aside from the people who get screen time. Wednesday nights should have been an extra footage night episode where they just focus on the downtime in the house so we can properly understand the house dynamics and get to know them outside of the game.

      • I agree with adding in an extra show on Wednesdays that does’t have an eviction and just focuses on interactions between the housemates and getting to know them better. There are still 3-4 housemates in there that we know nothing about and have barely heard from them. It would still rate higher than America’s Got Talent.

        • I don’t think add an extra show. Move it Back to Mon to Wed. I’m getting use to the format 1 episode = 1 Challenge and 1 Eviction (well expect last tonight)

    • I think that’s why I’m enjoying it. I’ve never been a big fan of BB, and can’t think of anything more boring than listening to housemates chatting about nothing. A well edited, fast-paced show suits me fine.

    • Edited well! Sorry but it wasn’t last night! During the rope spinning challenge it was very badly edited. Contestants were shown with very litle rop remaining around them and close to finishing then we see them a minute later with lots of rop around them! It was obvious that they were trying to make it look closer than it really was. Have noticed other continuitu errors throughout show. Still enjoying the show though and loving the tasks!!

      • Eh, it seems that way for so many shows. Watch any reality renovation or cooking show in the frantic last minute it’s a mish mash of everything going on, things unfinished/not put together yet before *bang!* they finally make it in the end and all is done. Well to a degree.

    • That’s not really ideal though. Hide the show from any competition. It seems like it probably has a big switch on at 8:45 for 30 mins.
      Mon – Wed wouldn’t really work either as it would force 7 into a split schedule, and its not guarenteed to have wednesdays to itself. Bachelor or Ninja could air there.

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