Binge TV: promo

Creative agency The Hallway has been behind Binge TV’s marketing, which this past week has released a TVC and print campaign “We’re For the Bingers.”

I don’t mind the “Unturnoffable” slogan, it is distinct enough to be memorable.

But I’m still very confused about the “We’re For the Bingers” which lists endless Binge types.

A double page print ad was a particularly curious way to grab attention …all without listing any shows on offer.


  1. I signed up. Great HBO content. But boy, what a clunky clunky platform. I really hope they fix this up. Would love them to become available on Fetch. But the interface drives me nuts. So many clicks just to watch the next episode. It’s like watching the old SBS on demand app from six years ago. It doesn’t even cast to Fetch which is interesting. Lucky, I hadn’t thrown out the chrome cast yet.

  2. It’s from the “manifesto as advertising” handbook that thankfully went out the door a few years ago when the audience went, don’t tell me what you are. Show me what you do. Good as some of their titles may be, they didn’t actually offer up a compelling reason why to switch.

  3. Well this just keeps getting weirder. Missing series from shows – very hard to binge something when there a blocks of episodes missing. And this trying to be too clever marketing campaign. They did so well with Kayo with both the product and simple marketing. It’s a shame this has been such a fail.

  4. They aren’t really for the bingers though. When I binge watch a show I want to start from the beginning but Binge isn’t putting every episode of a show that is available like Law and Order SVU (something I have never watched) they only have 3 random seasons out of 20 something. Stan has it right with all 14 available seasons of Supernatural, 16 seasons of Family Guy and Ten All Access with all 6 seasons on NCIS New Orleans. I signed up for Binge to watch The Dark Knight again (sucks they don’t have Batman Begins or Dark Knight Rises) but after the free trial I won’t be paying for it and apart from TDK I won’t even watch anything on it.

  5. In my opinion Binge’s marketing strategy highlights the issues of selling recycling content, the immediate problem is that Binge is not really a new or fresh product in the current SVOD market. Having said that, Binge will eventually find a niche for itself in Australia like Kayo, Foxtel’s long term future is banking on it.

  6. Seems like they think there’s a competition for how many words you can cram into an advertisement. Saw one today that does mention some programme titles – in one very, very loooooooooong sentence.

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