Claudia Karvan joins Life Drawing Live class

Adam Liaw, Susie Youssef, Hunter Page-Lochard and Claudia Karvan will be sketching in SBS event Life Drawing Live.

Rove McManus hosts the live 2 hour event this Saturday, joined by art experts, Head of Drawing at the National Art School Maryanne Coutts and award-winning artist Wendy Sharpe.

Adam Liaw said: “I used to draw a lot as a kid. My mum is a good artist and she taught me a few things when I was young. At school I loved art and was always doodling or drawing comics. I won the school art prize in Year 9, but gave up art the next year to focus on sciences. I don’t think I drew anything at all for maybe 20 years after that. Now as a father I end up drawing a little with my kids, just little sketches with them and birthday invitations. When I was asked to participate in Life Drawing Live, I didn’t even really know what life drawing was! I actually laughed out loud when I found out it was nudes. I don’t know if I’ll be any good at it, but it sounds like a lot of fun!”

Claudia Karvan said: “It’s funny that our consistent response is that we start drawing again when we have kids. That’s true for me too. I did 3 Unit Art at school and did drawing classes, (using the left-hand side of my brain no less!). I love nothing more than to sit still and draw, regardless of whether the outcome is good or bad, but unfortunately life pressures usually take priority and you find yourself neglecting these really important pleasures. So, thank you Covid and Life Drawing Live for nailing me to the floor for two hours this Saturday so I can indulge in doing something I love.”

Hunter Page-Lochard said: “I’ve always loved imagining that I’m the next Picasso, but I know I’m probably just the next Van Gogh as I continue to live my life existentially. I grew up drawing superheroes and spent most of my art schooling mastering mise en scène paintings. And who doesn’t love a little bit of Bob Ross in the morning. I may be rusty but I’m ready to pull out my pencils and dive head first into this mystery we call art.”

Susie Youssef said: “I love drawing and I’m absolutely fascinated by great artists and their ability to move people with their work. I mean I have sketched a sad tree in every notebook I’ve ever owned and instead of crossing out mistakes in handwriting exercises, I used to draw a flower pot over the top of the error, but sadly I am not a great artist. So even though I will be undoubtedly rubbish, I am very excited for Life Drawing Live. I promise to arrive sober unlike my first and only other life drawing experience at my sister’s Hens Party. Sorry Tess.”

Viewers are invited to pick up their pencils and draw along in real-time and be guided by Australia’s best. For those wanting to participate, a Pose Cam will provide an uninterrupted stream of the life models via

SBS is encouraging home viewers to share drawings on social using #SBSLifeDrawingLive or via email at [email protected] for the chance to have their artwork featured during the broadcast and analysed by our experts.

On Saturday 11 and 18 July at 8.30pm, SBS will broadcast Life Drawing UK from the BBC. Presenter and artists Josie d’Arby will be joined by some of the UK’s leading art experts and special guests. Viewers are invited to hone their life drawing skills with the uninterrupted stream of the life models available via

Life Drawing Live is produced by CJZ for SBS. It is based on a format created by Avanti Media and broadcast by the BBC in the UK.

Live 8:30pm Saturday on SBS.

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  1. An irony for Claudia K as one of her earlier roles was playing a nude model being sketched by David Stratton among others in one of the much repeated ‘Erotic Stories’ series of short films on SBS.

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