Craig Foster to depart SBS

"I will always be deeply proud of having called SBS home." Chief Football Analyst to leave after 18 years.

SBS sports presenter Craig Foster will leave depart SBS as Chief Football Analyst at the end of July, after 18 years with the broadcaster.

He will pursue other challenges but SBS plans to work with him on key football events in the future.

Craig Foster said: “My deepest gratitude to SBS Chairpersons, Directors, management, colleagues and our loyal viewers across football and news for an incredible journey. SBS provided not just an opportunity, but a mission back in 2002 and I instantly knew that we were aligned in our values, love of football and vision for the game. But the organisational spirit of inclusion, acceptance of diversity and promotion of Australia’s multicultural heart struck me most deeply.

“We brought this to life through football, but the mission was always to create a better Australia and world. My own challenges lie in this field and I will miss the people, above all, though I will never be too far away. I will always be deeply proud of having called SBS home for so long and look forward to walking down memory lane and thanking everyone personally over the next month.”

SBS Managing Director, James Taylor, said: “Craig is one of the finest football analysts and commentators, and has made a significant contribution to SBS over almost two decades. He embodies the personal and professional qualities that SBS espouses and we will watch with interest as he continues to break new ground, both as a former professional athlete and a strong advocate for social inclusion. While he will be missed as a regular in the studio, and by all that have worked with him, we look forward to working with Craig down the track.”

SBS Director of Sport, Ken Shipp, said: “Craig has lived the values of our Charter in promoting multiculturalism, inclusion and social harmony and his list of achievements is vast. From his famous, passionate commentary on the Socceroos’ 2005 World Cup Qualifier, developing a primary school football game for Harmony Day, winning three Logies as part of our amazing SBS World Game team, to championing the game of football in a way of which few are capable, Craig walked in the shoes of former great football advocates, Johnny Warren and Les Murray, and carried a proud legacy for two decades. I will enjoy watching him continue to rise. The door remains always open to work together again and I know there is nothing that he cannot achieve. Craig will always be part of the SBS family.”

SBS Sport presenter, Lucy Zelić, said: “There will never, ever be another Craig Foster and SBS, together with the Australian football community, have been immeasurably fortunate to have a man of his talents, credibility and professionalism dedicated to the cause. I always knew the day would come when Craig would be called upon for a greater purpose and I have no doubt in my mind that my beloved friend will continue to shine and inspire us all on his journey. He will always have a seat beside me at SBS, ready and waiting.”

For his last appearance, Foster will host FIFA’s decision for hosting rights to the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup on Friday morning at 8am, alongside Lucy Zelić.

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  1. What’s the point of having an expert soccer analyst, when you have no soccer? Foster failed to get on the FFA board, so his options are Optus Sports, if they start producing their own coverage, or putting his coaching certificate to use somewhere.

  2. Sad news, plain sad news.. He was the Only one worth listening to about Football. Knew everything, Greatest Ever Football Analyst & Commentator together with Les Murray.!!

    Wishing all the very best for you Craig Foster! Very sad..

  3. It’s not surprising news considering SBS has lost nearly all its live football to Optus, Foxtel and the ABC. They have rights to the world cups (male and female plus underage championships) but not much else. I hope Craig can get a job on Optus or the ABC because he’s probably the best analyst of the game in this country and not afraid to tell it like is.

  4. I am not a fan of his form of football, but I still occasionally watched him and the others critically analysing the game, from which I learnt a lot more about the intricacies of the game. Still not a big fan, but at least I better understand the game.

    I will be interested to see where he lands, as it is his second life of being an advocate for human rights which most interest me about him. He is an impressive person whenever I hear him speak about this issue and he used his platform well. He is a good lesson for all of us of the power of using whatever platform you have to advocate for good.

    Well done Craig and I am sure you will move onto bigger and better things in the future.

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