Disney+ drops free trial

Disney+ has quietly dropped its free trial.

The streaming service originally offered a free 7 day trial when it launched last November.

But the offer was deleted earlier this month, without any announcement, according to French entertainment website  Numerama.

This follows Netflix dropping its free 30 day trial in March.

There are suggestions Disney has strategically moved before its Hamilton musical drops next week, with interest expected to be very high. The company has also been impacted by the closure of theme parks during the pandemic.

Disney+ is available for $8.99 per month in Australia, with no lock-in contract.

Disney+ has been contacted for comment.

Source: ABC


  1. While I agree the providers should have free trials however some people take advantage by signing up continuously using different email addresses so I can understand why.

  2. I received a 14 day free trial through my Woolworths everyday rewards card, maybe they are doing deals with some other reward programs as well.

    • Just got the woolworths offer too, that’s lucky as hadn’t tried this service yet and after reading this article thought I now wouldn’t bother, I better get in quick before this offer expires by the looks.

      • I’ve tried getting the 14 days free trial but I’m stuck on the redeem code page on D+ site it took me to after entering my Woolworths card number. Do u know where I can find the code?

  3. Those familiar with Disney products will know what Disney+ will offer subscribers anyway. Having said that Disney+ is looking a bit mean, their original 7 days free trial was only suitable to test video formats with your internet speed and AV set up, etc. Some issues can happen, especially with sound loss and buffering, app reboots. All SVOD providers should allow trial periods of their apps for that reason.

    • Worse case scenario it’s $9 if things don’t work out. If things are that bad, i’m sure if someone was polite enough to Disney they may even refund that if there are technical issues within the first week or so.

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