FOX Footy to add virtual crowd noises to AFL

Following on from NRL matches, FOX Sports will add virtual crowd noises to AFL next week.

FOX Sports has been obtaining crowd noises from a huge cross-section of scenarios within a match, with two producers and two audio directors striking a balance between authenticity and atmosphere.

Games will also be shot tighter to minimise empty stands.

“I didn’t want to hide the fact that there was no crowd at grounds,” FOX Sports head of television Steve Crawley said.

“But we did some stuff about five weeks ago and I’m convinced that the viewing experience is superior with a toned down crowd underneath the call and on-field effects.

“It’s very important that it plays a distant third (behind the play itself and commentators). It is there to warm the game rather than dominate the game.”

FOX Footy will broadcast its first restarted AFL match on Saturday June 13, when Brisbane meets Fremantle.

Source: FOX Sports


  1. stuffinabox

    so we all know there will be no crowds , so by putting in crowd noise do the AFL and NRL think people are stupid and will think oh there is a crowd making noise

    • battlestargalactica

      It’s not about thinking people are stupid – it’s about trying to enhance the viewing experience. I watched a bit of the NRL last weekend and I reckon the crowd noise absolutely helped.

  2. Will be interesting to see how this views, round one with no crowd noise was terrible/hard to watch, was flat and of course lacked any atmosphere, hopefully this adds to the tv watching experience compared to what we saw in round 1 when all of this was very new to us all.

    • Agree, I hated the lack of atmosphere in round 1, so I didn’t sit through a whole game as a consequence. I think this is something worth trying and I really hope it works.

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