In memory of Logies weekend….

Today should have been the 2020 Logie Awards on the Gold Coast.

Today should have been the 2020 Logie Awards on the Gold Coast.

But 12 months on from the last presentation, the event is cancelled, the borders are closed, the magazine is sold without an editor, airlines are struggling and networks are letting staff go.

Happy non-Logies weekend….

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  1. I think another problem not mentioned here is that as nothing is being made this year, if it does go ahead(even online), there will be nothing to nominate/celebrate next year. I feel there’s a myriad of reasons this decision has been made.

  2. Happy non Logies David and everyone!
    Every year I watch the awards and mark off all the winners as they are announced. It seems strange not being on this year. Couldn’t stars be on Skype and zoom? Channel 9 should have had a highlights package of past years or repeated an old Logies.

  3. Sorry don’t know why it could have been done online like the BAFTA TV awards, the daytime and primetime emmys. A plus would be it hopefully wouldn’t go on for so long

  4. Surely there could have been some alternative to complete cancellation. I think the only thing worth salvaging is the hall of fame. There is a huge backlog of worthy recipients. They could have done a 1hr, made for tv, pre recorded homage to this year’s recipient.

  5. Happy “Non-Logies Day” everyone. lol

    If the Daytime-Emmys were held overnight, it is a shame that the Logies got cancelled for 2020. But with the year we’re having… it just got a bit tricky.

    Bring on the TVTonight Awards 🙂

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