Is The Voice promo correct?

I’ve enjoyed some of The Voice singers this year, and there still some strong voices to come.

But a promo teasing Guy Sebastian breaking the rules tonight has me confused.

Yes it’s a moment of high drama, but I’d suggest tomorrow night is when this will probably play out.

Unless the editors have done some last-minute snips, social media may see people looking for answers….




  1. It’s so misleading. False advertising is the worst. The networks do it all the time and it needs to stop. Seven most recently with House Rules promoting reveals only for it to be another normal episode. Nine did it with 60 minutes too and the Kyle crap. Honestly there should be fines given and they grow exponentially the more they mislead.

    • I didn’t realise they had been doing it in other Reality shows, but did hear about the Kyle promo.
      9Life have used old promos for new episodes when they are not, also strikes me as misleading. I like the idea of increasing fines. But viewers will start to switch off and not trust promos, thus damaging their brand with dwindling viewers

  2. I would have thought it was ‘false advertising’ which in any other sector has consequences. Really it means self-regulation allows this kind of behaviour and there is no real consequence on the network!

  3. Cathode Ray

    I gather its either tonight or tomorrow as the battles begin next week on Sunday so no doubt they’ll all have a different set of clothes on.

  4. David, you’re not seriously suggesting that a promo for a reality show has been edited in such a way that misrepresents what actually happened are you??

    • Ha. I remember MKR doing this last year and everyone here complaining about it. The 7 promo made out like “the walkout/disqualification” it was airing that night, then the next, and next… I think it took 2 weeks before the episode actually aired.

  5. It will probably happen at the end of tonight’s episode, so we have to tune into tomorrows episode to see what will happen. Anything to keep the viewer staying on that network.

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