Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery: June 10

Guest: Craig Reucassel.

Tonight on Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery is Chaser-turned-factual host Craig Reucassel.

Craig Reucassel was born in South Africa, before his parents’ disgust for apartheid saw them relocate to Adelaide then the Southern Highlands of NSW. He meets Julia atop Mt Gibraltar in Bowral and together they hop into a Renault 12 and drive to the Reucassels’ first house in the area. Next stop is Bowral High School, where Craig was introduced to debating, a discovery that would change the course of his life. They meet Rowan Cahill, Craig’s former history teacher, whose unorthodox teaching methods inspired young Craig to find his voice. Driving to Sydney, they visit Sydney University, where he met the other Chaser boys, before walking to the nearby house in which the Chaser newspaper was born.

8pm tonight on ABC.

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