Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery: June 3

Guest: Jacqui Lambie.

Tonight on Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery is politician Jacqui Lambie

Senator Jacqui Lambie returns to where it all began – a housing commission home she shared with her mother and brother in the suburbs of Devonport. Julia learns about a rebellious teenager and the night a random assault changed the course of her life. In a classic Holden Statesman, they drive to Don College, the school where Jacqui made occasional appearances before dropping out to join the army. Jacqui recalls the chronic back problems that ended her military career and saw her locked in a bitter battle with the Department of Veterans Affairs for medical support, a fight that inspired her unlikely entry into politics. She introduces Julia to her father Tom; whose Scottish ancestry gave Jacqui one more hurdle to overcome.

8pm tonight on ABC.

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  1. Julia Zemiro is such a fantastic interviewer. So warm, so human. You really get the impression she wants to properly get to know whoever she is spending time with and it comes across on screen.

    1. Totally agree. She is fantastic, and her guests all seem to really like her. I saw the Germain Greer do recently, possibly a repeat, and Julia had Germaine so relaxed, it was like a hypnosis session !

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