MasterChef and The Voice battle for timeslot

Ratings: Is Big Brother slipping? News Breakfast edges closer to Sunrise. Nine wins Monday.

MasterChef Australia pulled off another win last night at 7:30 last night with an impressive 954,000 and topped the demos. That was up on last Monday’s 854,000.

It held off a “cheating” scandal on The Voice at 941,000, also up on last Monday’s 849,000.

Next in the slot were Back Roads (678,000), Big Brother which has slipped to 658,000 / 655,000 and 7:30 (648,000).

Later Have You Been Paying Attention? drew 802,000 then Four Corners (530,000), Media Watch (515,000), Queen: Days of Our Lives (368,000) and 9-1-1 (309,000).

Elsewhere the gap closed between Sunrise (254,000) and News Breakfast on 138,000 / 83,000 -a total of 221,000. Today: drew 198,000.

Nine network won Monday with 29.1% then Seven 25.4%, 10 22.1%, ABC 16.6% and SBS 6.8%.

Nine News (1.1m / 1.01m) was best for Nine while A Current Affair won its slot at 811,000. Hot Seat drew 604,000 / 334,000.

Seven News was #1 with 1.14m / 1.09m for Seven then The Chase 655,000 / 369,000. Home and Away drew 664,000. The Latest was 183,000.

The Project pulled 578,000 / 352,000 for 10. 10 News First was 404,000 / 269,000. Kinne Tonight was 342,000.

ABC News drew 791,000. Q&A (242,000) and The Drum (227,000) followed for ABC.

On SBS it was Secrets Of Royal Travel (189,000), SBS World News (175,000), The Truth About Slim People (129,000), 24 Hours In Emergency (124,000) and Mastermind (98,000).

Bluey led multichannels with 190,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 15 June 2020

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  1. Big Brother isn’t engaging at all. I’m not sure whether it’s the content, casting or editing, it simply hasn’t kept eyeballs.
    It simply doesnt have the ‘must see’ moments MasterChef & The Voice have.
    There was an eviction tonight, my kids voted BB off for good

  2. Echoing statements I wrote on here yesterday. There’s more to a shows success or peoples opinions of lack there-of than just overnight ratings/numbers. BBAU might be getting less eye balls on the night, but they are getting the demos, which means that despite rating lower, the right people/target audience are tuning in. There is also 7plus streaming/BVOD, a lot of social media engagement about the show across twitter, instagram, and facebook. Despite lower numbers, the show is still trending on twitter with thousands of engagements, and comments. I think the fact it generates so much conversation here is also an indicator (whether commenters are advocates or detractors of the program) it sparks the reaction, it gets people talking. Overall, we’re also in a different climate of TV, and industry. I think BBAU is far from a flop/dud for Ch7 yet, and is delivering strongly in other areas…

  3. I feel sorry for Seven another high profile flop. My daughter is a BB fanatic from the 10 series- watched an episode of the 7 version and gave up. Says it all really

      1. Though its a different time of year to Aus Survivor, plus Survivor builds throughout the season whilst it seems BB might decrease as it goes on – will be interesting to see where it bottoms out at

    1. Your daughter missed some pretty intense BB drama then. I’m also a huge fan of BB on 10. It’s very different now but there is still a lot going on, it’s interesting and still worth a watch imo.

  4. The Voice scandal was so over-egged by the promotion dept as well as producers of the show. Guy was at best supporting a genuinely talented distinctive voice rather than yet another cookie cutter vocalist, at worst stirring the format’s pot which he did. Interesting to watch the Executive Producer conduct some matters on camera. Carefully edited nonetheless.

  5. MC and The Voice up about 100,000 each on last Monday. BB down by over 200,000 from last Monday.
    Clearly these viewers returned to the cooking and singing shows. Last night’s BB numbers are similar to what House Rules was getting. I fear that 7 may have another turkey on their hands.

  6. I told you so about Big Brother, would start with a bang and is now dying a slow death.

    Give it a week or 2 more, and it’ll be on the other channels, or shifted to a later timeslot.

    Channel 7 hasn’t learnt anything in the last 10 years.

      1. I fell the same.
        The reason why Big Brothers ratings are dropping is not due to the quality of the show but due to the fact that it is not “Live”/24 hour turn.
        There is no pressing need to watch it “Live” at 7.30.
        I would guess that other like myself will be watching it on Plus7 or on an encore showing.
        If you added in the delayed viewing and catch up numbers I would guess that the ratings would be a lot more comparable to the competition.

        1. It’s a reasonable theory, although most reality is pre-recorded. The argument is the audience gets spoiled if they don’t watch as it broadcasts. I still think numbers may rise, but we’ll see.

        2. Surely that theory also applies to The Voice and MChef too. Advertisers are not interested on services where their commercials are not aired, only on the FTA first-runs.

        3. I agree I’ve been watching Masterchef live then Big Brother later on catch up. And if that whole Voice ‘cheating’ thing wasn’t pre-planned in a production meeting I’d be very surprised.

          1. Then there’s the timeshift plus VOD audience to come.
            Bigger than Survivor this year and in demos.
            Is that a cool story?

      2. Now that Masterchef is only on Sunday to Tuesday I now watch Masterchef sunday to Tuesday and BB Wednesday to Friday

        What is it with the hibachi grill on Masterchef this year there have been hardly any episodes where they haven’t been used

    1. Think BB will get more viewers tonight. The younger demos that watch the voice more likely to watch BB then MC. As previously commented would have rated well on the Wednesday if it had been scheduled as Nine do not have the voice as an alternative.

      1. We’ll see as it didn’t play out like that last Tuesday off the back of the BB debut, for whatever reason the 16-39 demographic have taken to MC this year and last week BB was 2nd to it in the demographic by 47,000 (with no The Voice).

        Still think BB is the one that demographic are turning to on BOVD/VOD/7Plus and watching after MC as a cooking show is more likely to want to be watched on a TV Screen rather than a mobile device/laptop/computer.

    2. I love comments like this that are stuck in the 5-10 years ago mindset.

      Yeah the overnight ratings may have slipped since debut night but shows like this pull a younger demographic who aren’t sitting in front of a TV watching. Ch 7 will be looking at their VOD numbers as they will be a lot bigger than most shows…

      1. Yep the TV Landscape has changed so much, 10 years ago Masterchef on the similar Monday was pulling 1.85 mil and drama like The Mentalist 1.3 mil, Good News week on TEN was doing 1.02 mil (Big Bang Theory and Two And A Half Men also over the million). 5 years ago MC and Married at First Sight were pulling 1.078 and 1.079 mil, House Rules 907,000, Reno Rumble on Nine was 735,000 and they weren’t considered that acceptable back then.

        Now those 954,000 ones are like the 1.9 mils, and the 658,000 ones are more like the 1.0 mil ones once were. Choices are much much more now and if Big Brother is coming it 2nd or 3rd in the 16-39’s overnights it’s working (House Rules never touched those or any others), 2 million was the magic mark for a while as well and now that’s 1 million, have to look at that scale to judge.

        10 years ago Week 26: https://tvtonight.com.au/2010/06/week-26-3

          1. I find myself on YouTube a lot as well, with how going back up until about the 1980’s there was a film on before the main film, a lot of those B Movies are now in the Public Domain so on YouTube. Then there are lots of other things as well, every now and then I rewatch a Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, even can get some of the great performances from the Ed Sullivan Show like The Doors, Beatles, Rolling Stones etc., even through to early Letterman ones.

            It’s a treasure trove.

      2. Tiger i think it’s because 9 & 10 have been talking about BVOD numbers for their prime time shows for a long time, and 7 has largely dismissed their relevance. Now that 7 have a middling performer online, we’re excusing BB’s average performance and talking about their Live streams like their more relevant than when Love Island was pulling 200+ online

    3. I think that’s a bit dramatic. They’re hardly Changing Rooms numbers. It’s pulling similar figures to House Rules and even Home & Away, so it’ll stay right where it is.

  7. I always looked forward to Media Watch every Monday night but now I find it too political. I miss seeing the mistakes on TV and catching stations out.

    1. Glad there is at least one person enjoying it! None of the rest of us are. I’ve really really tried but there’s no fun, no discovery or character development. BB2020 is Diet Survivor and the audience are voting with their remotes.

        1. That was just ham acting though? Not real terror like we see on I’m A Celeb or real sacrifice like we see on Survivor. It’s just all so fake for me. And yes, Angela is gold but this format means she will likely be gone in the next couple of episodes. You only need to look at Sportsbet to see who makes the final 3. I’ve given BB five chances – I’m out.

      1. “None of the test of us are”…. that’s a very bold statement to make. Do you really believe that I am the only person out of 600,000 + viewers who is enjoying it ???? Really ?

        1. Yep my hand is up too. I think BB is funny too. I like his voice and his little comebacks to the contestants in Diary Room. I think Angela will be out the door when she loses a challenge.

          1. Yes I like his voice too. Something out of a sci fi movie! I’m gonna sound like an oldie but the tolerance level of BB towards disrespect is way too high. Kieran swearing at him, people putting their feet all over the diary room chair, lots of backchat to him. Old BB wouldn’t have tolerated that. I did love his banter with Angela on whose house it was. Very funny

    2. Angela has been my hero from the start. I want to see her on Survivor!!!!! I also want to see her make the merge and win those immunity challenges. She won’t be able to use her lip gloss

      1. Channel 10 are already having meetings about snaring Angela as the next Bachelorette after concluding she wouldn’t last two Survivor tribals! No tea in Fiji!! ;-p

    3. I’m enjoying it too Gaz, so that’s two of us mate.
      Curiosity was the initial spike in ratings, now we’re probably going to hover around the 600K mark, plus there’s the streaming with the younger audience.
      7 would be Looking at all the figures, not just live TV.
      I would have preferred they had stuck with the original format but it is what it is.
      I’ll keep watching till the end.

  8. Talking about slipping, ouch Q&A.

    Big Brother is doing better than what 7 has had on offer in that time slot all year and they should be applauded for a clever and genuine reboot of the format but in hindsight, they would probably cast a lot less housemates when only screening three nights a week. It’s hard to get a clear insight into the house dynamics and some ‘characters’ are still strangers to viewers.

    1. On Q+A: Yeah wow when was the last time it rated that low, and there’s so much happening in the news atm. Like a lot of people I thought Hamish was a great host when he started but I’m actually tiring of him a bit now – he seems to come across a little arrogant sometimes plus I think the new format suits minimal interjections from the host, but it feels like Hamish thinks he has to interrupt some guests (especially politicians). I used to love Hamish on The Project and wish we still saw him there – seemed to suit him more than Q+A.

  9. 800s then 700s then 600s – unless Seven promos can pull off a miracle there is nobody new coming to stop the slump for Big Brother. It’s just not a good enough show to retain eyeballs unfortunately.

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