New SKY show for Alan Jones

New talk show to air Monday - Thursdays from early July.

SKY News has signed retired radio broadcaster Alan Jones to a new weeknight show.

Alan Jones will air Live four nights a week, Monday – Thursday from early July.

“It’s a privilege to be asked to work with such a strong and committed team. I am sure that through the engagement with my viewing audience, we will be able to make a difference. There are real issues facing Australians today. We will be addressing them,” he said.

CEO Paul Whittaker said: “With a connection to his audience like no other, we are delighted Alan joins SKY News Australia exclusively as anchor of new weeknight primetime program Alan Jones, the only place to watch and listen to Australia’s most successful broadcaster.”

Jones first joined SKY News in 2013 as co-anchor of Richo & Jones. He then went on to host Jones & Co, followed by Jones & Credlin.

SKY News is yet to announce its new broadcast times for Kenny on Media, Chris Smith Tonight, and Richo & Smith.

Each Monday – Thursday Alan will share his unique take on the events and issues facing the nation, provide informed discussion with regular guests, surprising interviews and a look at the issues mainstream media ignore. He will continue to back the battlers in the bush to ensure their voice is heard.

Monday 6 July at 8pm on SKY News.

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  1. So he’s too unwell for radio, but healthy enough for TV.
    Some balanced op-ed on Sky. Unlike the ABC, which Kevin Rudd has just denounced as dangerous right media, (according to The Australian).

    1. I have watched the show since inception.
      It is excellent!
      Alan is a star!
      If you want to hear the truth about the virus listen to Alan.
      Also, the show has plenty of variety, not just endless news.
      God bless Alan Jones

  2. Great to hear, what awesome news.. Now I will definetely watch his show, he is the Undisputed King, breaking all the Ratings Records, is the Best!!

    And Sky News is way better than that dismal ABC News of Staff/Journalist.!! Sky News #1 News Coverage, easily.!!

      1. Yes those numbers are correct, but for clarity what has happened in FTA has happened in STV… people now timeshift drama and entertainment so News & Sport float to the top. This is especially so for Foxtel where subscribers have an iQ to record. That said Sky’s after dark programming has worked well in carving out an audience. It reminds me of The Loudest Voice in the Room where Roger Ailes character argued that being a sole conservative voice would be a clever business model for FOX News. We should also add ABC has regional radio and shows like Landline for years, plenty of support for the bush.

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