Nine News journalists attacked in London clashes

Two Nine journalists have been attacked in London clashes.

Europe correspondent Ben Avery was ambushed by crowds while on-air, reporting on protests happening in London on Thursday morning.

While speaking to Karl Stefanovic and Allison Langdon on Today just after 5.30am, Avery and his camera operator Cade Thompson were grabbed by angry crowds and forced to flee.

He later said, “It felt like there was a police officer for every single protester there at that stage but it didn’t make much difference. They were just so angry and they were so after us at that stage that even one of police said to me there is not much they could do.”

Yesterday another of Nine’s Europe correspondents, Sophie Walsh, was attacked by a man making motions to stab her during her live cross to 9News Adelaide’s Brenton Ragless . The man approached her and yelled the words “Allah Akbar”.

Walsh screamed out as he grabbed her.

The man was then chased and detained by Nine’s camera operator, Jason Conduit, and other bystanders at the scene until police arrived.

It is unclear whether the man was armed with a screwdriver, however he has since been arrested for threats to kill and possession an offensive weapon.

Walsh was shaken by the incident, but is unharmed.

Earlier this week Sunrise‘s Amelia Brace and her cameraman Tim Myers were assaulted by riot police during a live cross from outside the White House in Washington, D.C.

Source: Nine News


  1. Terrifying stuff. Shows how important it is for all correspondents to travel with security (as many Aussie journos in the US have I believe).

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