Oxygen: June highlights

Three new true crime documentaries join Oxygen from today, Monday June 1.

Oxygen is available as a “virtual channel” through Fetch TV.

Famous & Fighting Crime
This bold and provocative series takes celebrities out of their comfort zones to join police on the frontlines and deal with everyday crimes, criminals and victims. Stars such as model Penny Lancaster and presenter Katie Piper undertake the same training as real-life Special Constables and then hit the streets for two weeks, partnered with serving officers, confronting whatever is thrown at them that day. It’s a ground-breaking experiment that sees them face real conflict and challenges, working in everything from traffic divisions to crowd control, and gives them a unique and revelatory insight to the sharp end of policing. Fast-paced, gripping and tense, the show is also packed with emotion and moments of real warmth.

The Forgotten West Memphis Three
Based on the hit podcast Truth & Justice, this investigative true crime series follows host Bob Ruff as he reexamines the infamous West Memphis Three case, in which three eight-year-old boys were brutally murdered back in 1993. In 2011, the three men who were tried and convicted of the murders as teenagers were controversially released following the discovery of new DNA evidence. Now, more than 25 years after the crime, Ruff takes a closer look at the case in hopes of finally finding out the truth about what happened.

Justice By Any Means
“Justice By Any Means” is a gripping investigative series plunging viewers into amazing true stories of brave men and women who, after suffering unimaginable loss, went all out to confront the bad guys. Fast-paced and intensely personal, each carefully crafted episode combines intimate interviews and rich recreations. From housewives, teachers and parents to journalists and police officers, the series’ heroes hail from all walks of life. However, they all share one common trait – a willingness to risk their lives to solve deadly mysteries, track down terrifying criminals and overcome incredible odds to see justice served.

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