Seven News Brisbane breaches Code of Practice

Seven News Brisbane has breached the Code of Practice, the media watchdog has ruled.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority found two news programs which related to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission last July breached of the privacy of two staff members.

The news story on 30 July contained images of their names, job titles and signatures which was deemed unnecessary and not in the public interest.

The investigation also found Seven was not fair and impartial in its presentation of allegations of QBCC’s handling of a customer complaint.

ACMA Chair Nerida O’Loughlin said, “The Commercial Television Code of Practice has clear definitions of what is acceptable to broadcast. Channel Seven News Brisbane failed to meet its obligations under the Code.

“By failing to give the QBCC the opportunity to respond to the allegations aired in the 31 July news story, it failed to present the news fairly and impartially.”

Seven will circulate a copy of the ACMA’s finding to news editorial staff within Seven Brisbane and include the decision and its reasoning in its staff Code training.

ACMA said given Seven’s record of code compliance, it considered those actions were sufficient remedial actions.


  1. Does ACMA ever fine a network for a breach? For as long as I can remember, a network has only ever received a slap on the wrist from ACMA. The network then issues an email to relevant staff and all parties are happy. Almost a waste of time and money. It’s beyond a joke.

    • I’ve long said the system is broken. Complaint > Breach > Staff Training.

      ACMA should give networks 3 months to train staff and get all systems in order so that from that point forward it is no longer an acceptable outcome where a breach is found. Why do we wait for something to go wrong to then fix the system?

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