Social distancing reaches The Chase

Seven studio makes a little more space between contestants on daily game show.

Last night The Chase screened the first of their new episodes with social distancing in the studio.

While the Chaser, ‘Supernerd’ Issa Schultz, is always a safe distance from the cast, there was some adjustment for the contestants.

Producers had cleverly staggered the players behind the panel so that they could still work as a team and the camera could still manage a group shot.

Good to see host Andrew O’Keefe back in action, after time out to address his health. “Nicely done.”

The Chase airs 5pm weekdays on Seven.

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  1. It was good to see Social Distancing last night on The Chase, agree with the other comments as it was cleverly done. Also would like Channel 7 to do a return of Deal or No Deal at some point, maybe do a series over summer, November to January perhaps? I am sure alot of people would like to see a return of the show.

  2. Just on the subject of The Chase, The Beast hates getting beaten and acts like a spoiled schoolboy when he does. None of the others are like that. I wouldn’t mind if he was replaced, which may happen due to travel restrictions. Maybe we’ll see another Aussie chaser. Red Symons?

      1. They are playing characters at the end of the day but I’m sure some of themselves does seep through. Anne has seemed lovely to me in every interview I’ve seen her do.

  3. It was great being treated to a new episode of The Chase Australia. Andrew O’Keefe can certainly do no wrong. He is an A-grade game show host who has single-handedly hosted two of the most successful game shows of all time, with both shows being on opposite sides of the spectrum. Props to ITV for being able to produce the show in line with current social distancing restrictions.

      1. @ roaringdave, he also excelled hosting The Rich List and while it wasn’t a ratings bonanza, The Dragon’s Den was another title he was good at and while it isn’t very different to Shark Tank, I would encourage Seven to re-imagine it and give it another go. Andrew also was a solidified panelist during his tenure on Weekend Sunrise, effectively working alongside Lisa Wilkinson, Samantha Armytage and Monique Wright.

  4. Yes very cleverly done. And great that Andrew is back at work again. He really is perfectly suited to The Chase, great quizmaster, warm, intelligent, witty…..can you tell I’m a fan ? 😉

    1. Completely agree! If nothing else, the man deserves an award for keeping a show that was simply opening 26 brief cases in half an hour fresh (and highly rating) for as long as he did.

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