Sunrise team to sleep over, and broadcast from Big Brother house.

Seven is going all out with a Big Brother promotion, with Sunrise to broadcast on Monday Live from the Big Brother house special extended edition.

In an added twist the Sunrise team, Kochie, Sam, Nat, Beretts, Eddy and Sam Mac, will sleep over (Sunday night) and be recorded by BB cameras. They will also face-off in their very own Nomination Challenge.

Sunrise will also feature BB host Sonia Kruger and hear from former show favourites.

“Being watched 24 hours a day is my worst nightmare. But I’m up for whatever epic challenge Big Brother has in store!” said Samantha Armytage.

David Koch added, “When you host breakfast TV it’s important the team gets on well given the early starts… But spending time together in the Big Brother house? I don’t know about that. It’s certainly going to be interesting to say the least!”

ABig Brother Week” on Sunrise will also hear from first evictees.

Sunrise will have exclusive access to the all-new house just hours ahead of the highly-anticipated launch of Big Brother 2020 on Seven,” said Executive Producer, Michael Pell.

5.30am Monday on Seven.


  1. Covering the US race riots and coronavirus live from the Big Brother house will really boost their news cred. Still I guess it’s a bit of a fun distraction.

  2. Thank God I don’t watch Sunrise. I have been a BB fan since the first series but this doesn’t do it for me. It is just Survivor in a house & the fact that there is nothing live until the finale means I think it will fail. The whole idea of BB is the live voyeur aspect & the live nominations & evictions (for the Aussie version anyway).

    • I don’t watch the trash on Sunrise or Today as I am asleep when they are on. And I think BB will fail because it’s not live (nominations and evictions). I don’t think I will be watching it this year.

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