The Heights for BBC, Love Island to ITV.

More Aussie titles are getting UK broadcasts.

Season 1 of The Heights will air as daytime serial drama on BBC from mid-June, with the second season coming later this year.

Carla-Maria Lawson, Head of BBC Daytime and Early Peak, says: “This slice of life from the melting pot that is urban Australia is loaded with humour and drama and quickly draws you into the very diverse lives of its characters. Daytime viewers love drama with compelling story telling at its heart and The Heights does that brilliantly.”

Alastair McKinnon, Managing Director, Matchbox Pictures, adds: “Australian viewers have taken the diverse mix of families living in Arcadia Heights to their hearts and we are enormously proud of the show. With British viewers’ undoubted enthusiasm for Australian soap operas, we feel very excited about the potential for The Heights on BBC One.”

Meanwhile Season One of Love Island Australia, which screened in 2018, will air on ITV2. The show will fill a void left after the UK broadcaster was forced to postpone its next season due to COVID-19 restrictions.

A promo for the show says,  “Bring on the Bombshells, the Bromances and a little bit of Naughty Naughty! It’s the Love Island you love, just with a different accent. Bring it on!”

Broadcasters around the world have been acquiring more international titles since COVID-19 has impacted production delivery.


  1. Congrats to all involved with The Heights. I think the Brits will love it. The storylines are way more realistic than Neighbours or Home & Away, and the diversity and WA/Perth flavour should be well received.

  2. The Brits won’t know what has hit them. Aussie Love Island is far better than the UK version – hope they get to watch both series. The Islanders will love the extra social followers this will attract!

  3. Great news for The Heights. Enjoy this little and it’s diversity of storylines and cast.

    We might just get Station 19 or S4 of This Is Us now that we will ‘run’ out of titles. So many repeats on multi-channels it’s ridiculous. I still cannot understand why How To Get Away With Murder is on at 11:30pm after three shows in the evening slot that have aired before?!

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