1. CriticalVoice

    Interesting to see executives at Ten read comments here. My advice about MasterChef Junior came to fruition not long after my post. The Voice has always been a lost cause for me because it’s a show more about the judges and less about the contestants, who largely go into more obscurity once the show finishes. MasterChef has real value. Ten execs, if you’re reading this, turn MasterChef on its head for 2021. We’ve all been cooking a lot more in our kitchens this year for obvious reasons. Now is the time to start thinking about the average person who tries to cook. Here are two ideas, bring back all the original Junior MasterChef cast from several years ago and see how they fare. Alternatively, put together people who have had to learn how to use their kitchen during the pandemic lock-down and get them cooking average, healthy meals all families can duplicate at home – a running list…

  2. Will be interesting when bb is thrown into the mix.
    I’ve decided to watch bb live(as it’s after haa anyway), record the voice and record the encore of Masterchef. Plus also hybpa.

  3. Interesting The Project ran past 7:35pm last night, which was unusual – flicked over from the end of the ABC news, and they hadn’t even shown the last package

    Unclear if they simply let them run over with their Indigenous rights special or if they were trying to hold Project viewers back from turning over to The Voice?

    • They said at the start that it was a special Project. The riots in America is a historical event. It was a great episode and deserved the extra time. I switched over to The Voice after The Project as The Voice is a show you can tune in and out of and was a bit lame last night in my opinion.

  4. Not to sure about this lead in business as an excuse for costing shows numbers. Every one has a remote and when a show is finished easy to change channels to watch their favourite show . If the lead in give you extra numbers then why are the shows following MC getting low numbers. It works both ways.

  5. Aussiecam58

    Masterchef was brilliant again last night. They will pass The Voice next week. Which is the better show, on that holds on to the audience of the news lead in or the one thats builds up from lower rating show prior?? Leave that for others to ponder.

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