US media support Black Lives Matter

Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and MTV are amongst those adding their corporate voice to the Black Lives Matter movement in the US.


No word from Apple TV+ or Disney+ but the latter did tweet this on Friday….



  1. That was a disgusting act, but it was one man who murdered another man and who has been arrested and charged.
    The ensuing riots are just an excuse by many for violence, pillage and plunder. We don’t need virtue signalling corporations getting involved. Thanks for the ‘heads up’ David. I just cancelled my Prime account.

    • Ok I agree a lot of the riots have gone too far, but supporting the Black Lives Matter movement does not mean you are supporting the riots themselves. The fact that George Floyd’s murder was sadly far from the first incident of police brutality, proves there are issues of systemic racism in the US. The support of large corporations, and especially the media, can go a long way in helping the structural reform needed to reduce this racism. But supporting an anti-racism movement is hardly virtue signalling.

    • Unfortunately, rioting is what happens when a race of people have had enough of being discriminated against. Of course it’s not the way to go about achieving change, but I can understand their fury.

      • Plus when you have changed Mayors, changed Governors, changed Presidents, changed Political Parties and you find that none of those changes in Governance makes any difference, then frustration builds as you have nowhere to turn because you feel no side is listening or willing to start the ball rolling on any reforms.

    • If you’re triggered by seeing messages of support towards a movement that is absolutely necessary, then you’re part of the problem. Maybe now that your Prime account is cancelled, you’ll have some free time to see outside yourself.

    • You are very much missing the point if you think these riots are just about “one man who murdered another man and who has been arrested and charged.”

    • This is not one man one murder, this is one man while others stood and watched, not for the first time.This is about a country who in 50 years learns nothing from its past, racial issues and profiling have been across the USA for generations, you’ve seen enough online racial issues with many cops across many states in the USA. the fact is there is a generation of people who will never see change because they have no one strong enough to push for changes. Blacks in the USA need a systemic issue to change, they need to weed the racial discrimination and fear out of their systems however will take money, money the USA government is not spending on its people.
      We have issues here but the differences are the vast majority seek immediate change to Australian laws and it’s systems at whatever cost to the tax payer dollar when issues come to light. You need to support without racial…

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