“We all wish we could give you the biggest hug”

MasterChef Australia was rightly praised for its social distancing introduced to episodes a week ago, but boy it was tough last night when none of the cast could embrace eliminated contestant Jess Liemantara.

As the tears flowed down her face, none of her fellow contestants were able to hug her goodbye. It was painful to watch as all kept their 1.5m distance and applauded her in a funeral-like guard of honour.

After she had left the cameras even lingered on the silent tears by contestants, all denied human affection when they most needed it.

Filmed in March, at the height of new regulations, it was sadly the right step by everybody involved. But for a show that celebrates camaraderie, it was crushing for some viewers.



  1. jezza the first original one

    Every elimination now is likely to be a fan favourite, so there is likely to be a few more tears and a lack of hugs…

  2. It was awful watching Jess stand there last night in tears & nobody being able to hug her.
    Jess was always the encouraging one the way she helped out her fellow contestants in the past few weeks. But not only that she was a great cook. I think she will be missed terribly.

  3. I was bawling my eyes out. It was going to be tough regardless of who went because every single contestant left is a favourite. But Jess has been on such a roll of great dishes lately and she is such a beautiful soul. Is she on any shows today doing interviews about the experience?

  4. carolemorrissey

    Of all people the first person eliminated after social distancing rules had to be sweet little Jess. It was heartbreaking seeing her standing there alone crying & nobody able to hug her.

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