9Now leads in BVOD

9Now is leading in BVOD at the mid year ratings point.

Nine also has the most streamed program across all Broadcast Video on Demand platforms, with Married at First Sight at almost three times bigger than its nearest competitor, MasterChef Australia on 10 Play.

Worth noting too that Love Island UK is a huge drawcard on 9Now.

Title / Total Minutes
1. Married At First Sight Season 7 816,499,000
2. Masterchef Australia 285,688,000
3. Love Island UK Season 6 265,644,000
4. Home And Away 200,182,000
5. Australian Survivor 178,626,000
6. Big Brother 169,364,000
7. The Voice Season 9 143,158,000
8. My Kitchen Rules: The Rivals 137,862,000
9. Killing Eve 121,038,000
10. House Rules: High Stakes 111,109,000

Source: OzTAM VOD VPM, 1 January – 9 July 2020, Metric: Minutes, Duration: 15+min

Average monthly audience / Minutes share
Nine 3,987,669 45%
Seven 1,613,508 39%
10 919,425 16%

Source: Nielsen Digital Content Ratings, Monthly Tagged, January – May 2020, Broadcast Media, Text, People 2+, Census. / OzTAM VOD + Live VPM, 1 January – 9 July 2020, Share based on CFTA, Metric: Minutes, Duration: 0+min


  1. James-original

    I’ve recently seen releases about 7plus’ dominance over the last few months.
    Seems that MAFS and Love Island gave Nine a big leg up at the start of the year and that gap is fast closing.

  2. Surprised Masterchef is up there so high thought it more a big screen show, then again it keeps topping the 16-39 demographics (and 18-49), so maybe I shouldn’t been. Even though it’s 6th Seven would be happy enough with Big Brother for the first season doing that and no wonder it was renewed, plus those Home and Away figures are pretty good even if likely because of 5 episodes a week.

    However yeah, little wonder Seven was chasing after Love Island UK and Aust not long ago, which kind of lead to them doing Big Brother because they wanted some of the BVOD action, House Rules and My Kitchen Rules being that high really surprised me though (who knew).

  3. 10’s low numbers aren’t surprising. They have been taking stuff of Tenplay and either moving it to All Access or not showing it at all. The ABC gets some high numbers for kids shows, but they are short run so aren’t figuring in the top 10.

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