Airdate: Jeopardy!

Classic US game show will screen on SBS VICELAND.

Classic US game show Jeopardy! will screen on SBS VICELAND weeknights from Monday.

There are a whopping 50 episodes of this… not too sure how this fits with VICELAND being a youth channel (or SBS charter), but it does draw a crowd on Pay TV.

Jeopardy! holds the Guinness World Records® title for the most Emmy® Awards won by a TV game show. In 2014, Jeopardy! won the inaugural Writers Guild of America award for Outstanding Writing for Quiz and Audience Participation. It is also the recipient of a 2011 Peabody Award.

Created by Merv Griffin in 1964 as a daytime show for NBC, Jeopardy! is a daily half- hour quiz show with a unique answer-and-question format. Alex Trebek hosts this quiz show, where the answers are revealed and the contestants must guess the appropriate questions. The answers appear on a computerised grid, in various trivia categories and are sorted by degrees of difficulty matched by increasing dollar values.

Jeopardy! has challenged and entertained millions of viewers worldwide since its debut in 1984.

Weeknights from 7.00pm on SBS VICELAND.

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  1. This is a great little show, nice to have on while preparing dinner. Alex Trebeck is a good host who has well and truly mastered his role, without feeling the need to overplay things. And I often think that the contestants have a lovely air of decency about them; great ambassadors for all that is good about America.

  2. I’m a little surprised that nobody’s tried to revive this locally especially considering that it often cracks the top 20 on Foxtel. It had a successful run from 1970-1978 on Seven followed by a brief revival on TEN in 1993. This would have been a superlatively better option than Celebrity Name Game and more accessible than Pointless, though I suspect that the 6.00pm game show ship has sailed as far as 10 are concerned.

    I’d love to give it a look, but if my video game version of Jeopardy is any indication, I suspect that many of the questions will be quite America-centric.

  3. Every time I have seen this show advertised during 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (which has been for the past week, so this is not news to me), it makes me think of the song “I Lost on Jeopardy!” I might try it out though as I often watch SBS Viceland (and it should be renamed as there isn’t much Viceland shows on the channel anymore).

  4. Why shouldn’t they be on public broadcasters? Should people who don’t wish to (or can’t afford to) pay for television have to miss out on such shows? I think this is a great addition to Viceland and I’m looking forward to it. SBS and Viceland are my main FTA channels, they have some great programming.

  5. Jeopardy once had an Althing category all about the national Icelandic parliament. If you google Althing and Jeopardy you can find the category and its questions. Surely this makes Jeopardy multicultural? 😛

  6. Great show, but like all of the American shows available on the ABC and SBS, is readily available on other platforms. These shows shouldn’t be on public broadcasters and their focus should be elsewhere, say in places that align with their charter.

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