Airdate: Kenny Rogers: Biography

Here’s one for country music fans (and for Myf Warhurst).

Doco special Kenny Rogers: Biography screens on SBS this Friday night.

This feature is a journey through Kenny Rogers’ life and chart-busting career. Weaving in performances from his star-studded farewell show in Nashville, the biography charts Kenny’s hard-won 60-year career. Kenny’s friends, family and fellow artists tell the story of how Kenny Rogers rose from adversity- battled obscurity – and a pop culture superstar.

From impoverished beginnings, to the meteoric rise and crash of The First Edition, to his soul-tested struggle for relevancy. It all culminated in Kenny digging deep, finding his ace, and becoming a country music icon.

Perhaps Kenny’s greatest pop culture legacy is his pas de deux with Dolly Parton. Beginning with their chart-topping Islands In The Stream, and continuing through the years with their torrid stage performances. In the documentary, Kenny and Dolly open up about their enduring partnership, deep friendship and musical ‘love affair’ – leading their legions of fans to wonder, was there something more?

Friday, 17 July at 7.30pm on SBS.

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