Airdate: Operation Snow Tiger

Scientist Liz Bonnin narrates natural history doco Operation Snow Tiger next Monday on BBC Earth.

This is filmed in icy forests of Russia.

Operation Snow Tiger sets out into the inhospitable frozen wastes of Russia’s Far East on the trail of the world’s largest, rarest and most elusive big cat – the Siberian Tiger. Now a team of scientists, Liz Bonnin, Dr Dale Miquelle and cameraman, Max Hug-Williams are working with Russian trackers to try to understand how these majestic predators survive and how to halt the decline of the last 350 left in the wild. The team arrive at the start of the Siberian winter to begin tracking in the snow. As they start to piece together the secrets and life story of individual Siberian tigers like Vavara, with her two new born cubs, they begin to understand the threats they face. If they can capture images and DNA from these elusive tigers they can help to protect them from poachers. But when a mother tiger disappears, the team must begin a dramatic hunt to rescue three orphaned cubs before they freeze to death in this lawless frontier.

Mondays at 9.40pm from August 3 on BBC Earth.

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