Airdate: Trackers

South African crime thriller series Trackers will screen on FOX Showcase later this month.

This is a 5 part co-production between South Africa pay-TV channel M-Net, HBO-owned Cinemax and German public broadcaster ZDF.

Whilst it aired in South Africa in October, the US premiere was last month.

Based on the novel by award-winning South African author Deon Meyer this new drama series weaves three adrenalized story lines together to bring audiences an action-packed, magnetic thriller. In rural Loxton, South Africa, Lemmer reluctantly embarks on a shadowy smuggling operation. Meanwhile, Cape Town’s Presidential Bureau of Intelligence launches a high-stakes, covert investigation into a terrorist plot after a police informant blows the whistle on a meeting between local Islamic extremists and Suleiman Daoud, a senior Al Qaeda operative. As PBI chief Janina Mentz carefully directs the sting, special agent Quinn is eager to make an arrest and Milla, a housewife who’s escaped an abusive suburban existence, lands a job as a researcher on the team.

7.30pm Friday July 31 on FOX Showcase.

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  1. Take your time guys… it’s only been five weeks and the final ep airs pretty soon.

    In saying that, it’s a fantastic South African series and worthy of a watch. Much better than Queen Sono on Netflix.
    4.95 stars out of 5

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