Amazon Prime Video adds profiles

Amazon Prime Video is adding Profiles for users to personalise their viewing choices and recommendations.

This will start rolling out to customers from today allowing for a primary user & 5 additional profiles.

How frustrating is it when you log into your streaming platform and someone has come through and messed up the entire algorithm? You want to watch the latest season of Hanna and yet all you get recommended is Strawberry Shortcake! Or even worse you go to watch a show and someones watched ahead of you and you get spoilers.

Well good news – Amazon Prime Video now lets you set up your primary profile and five additional adult or children’s profiles within your Amazon Prime account.

This new profiles feature will start rolling out to customers in phases in New Zealand / Australia from today, featuring separate recommendations, season progress and a Watchlist. This personalisation will be based on the activity of your individual profile.


  1. A bit late! I cancelled my subscription because my kids kept seeing suggestions of violent movies. I’ve since learned life is fine without Prime

  2. It would be good if Stan also did this. Yes, they have profiles, but there’s no way to get the TV app to ask which profile is being used before it opens, which makes it difficult to use.

  3. About time. Foxtel also need to do this for their app. They also need a native Apple TV app. Disgraceful that they don’t have one.

  4. Finally! Been waiting for this for the last 18 months since I became a member. Now they just need to consolidate individual seasons under one show title in the home screen, and have the ‘Skip Intro’ option.

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